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Meatloaf Machine

Fill your house with the smell of fresh-made meatloaf
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A spin-off of the bread machine, but for making meatloaf. You'd dump all of the ingedients for your meatloaf in the pan, set the timer, and the machine will mix the ingredients and cook the loaf to home made perfection.

The timer function would be assisted by a refrigeration function that would allow you to put your ingredients together for cooking at a future time.

There would also be a glaze well where you could put in tomato or whatever sort of sauce you like to top your meatloaf with.

mcoen, Mar 16 2001


       Well...at least Peter didn't say "BAKED"....he just explained how to Bake.... Jutta: there's another tagline "just mix the ingredients and bake".
Susen, Mar 16 2001


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