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Iron Tea Kettle

for tea at the ironing board
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“So there I was standing in my underwear, ironing my shirt and pants and watching the morning news. There was room on the ironing board for a boiled egg, toast and a teacup. … No, I’m not going to say I heard the phone ring and answered by putting the iron to my ear, and then to call an ambulance, I took the iron in my other hand and placed it to my other ear. That’s an old joke.

No, this iron is special – it’s a steam iron with two water reservoirs. I also mounted a screw lid on the top tank. … That’s for popping in a couple of teabags when the light indicates that the water is boiling. So, you can steam iron your clothes and brew your tea at the same time without leaving the spot – pretty neat, huh?

Anyway, I was standing there in a bit of a hurry with toast in my mouth, putting the finishing touches on my collar and pushing the button on the iron's handle to fill my cup with a squirt, and on the TV there was a guy talking with a parrot on his shoulder, except the guy was a dummy and the parrot was a ventriloquist! I was so engrossed in the report that I squirted when I should have steamed. … Yeah, you guessed it – another tea shirt.”

FarmerJohn, May 20 2004

I like your idea better + http://www.halfbake...proved_20Humidifier
But they can be used together. [sartep, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 05 2004]

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       what can i say. <tapping temple vigorously with index finger> "geeeee- nius!" <tapping temple vigorously with index finger>
etherman, May 20 2004

       And whilst all of this is happening, eggs are being scrambled within the hoover bag.
skinflaps, May 20 2004

       I can't beleaf you've done this to us.
neilp, May 20 2004

       I would have thought a steam iron would be better suited to the preparation of cappuccino.   

       (Now attempting to think of a pun having to do with “not my cup of tea,” but everything I come up with seems a bit strained.)
AO, May 20 2004

       Wacky, but ... refreshing. (+) Could have done without the image of FarmerJohn standing there in underwear.
booleanfool, May 20 2004

       I'll buy one for [po] immediately! +
Letsbuildafort, May 20 2004

       stirring stuff...brings a lump, or maybe two, to the throat.
etherman, May 21 2004

       I might actually start ironing again! +
k_sra, May 25 2004

       with my luck and skills i would end up with a tea stained shirt and a cup of boiling water.
engineer1, May 25 2004


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