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In The Navy, Ironing Board

"Dashing away with a smoothing iron" meets "In the Navy"
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In The Navy Ironing Board is designed to ensure that macho men, who might possibly be expected to perceive ironing as "women's work", are comfortable with pressing their own clothes.

Its main board is shaped like the deck of an aircraft carrier, with the bridge area being the rechargeable, power supply battery holder. The iron itself comes with a variety of combat aircraft skins, so that it might look like an F14 Tomcat, Harrier jump jet or other flying engine of destruction.

The otherwise reluctant user may now carry out take off and landing drills, model plane/iron in hand, as they simultaneously smooth the wrinkles out of their clothes, stretched out on the deck of their aircraft carrier/ironing board.

xenzag, Sep 12 2007

Carrier/board http://www.mod.uk/N...arrier1_726x539.jpg
Looks like this [xenzag, Sep 12 2007]

Ironing song http://ingeb.org/songs/dashinga.html
[xenzag, Sep 12 2007]

In The Navy http://www.lyrics00...0Navy%20Lyrics.html
you can sing either song, according to your persuasion [xenzag, Sep 12 2007]

How to make an ironing board cover http://www.purlbee....d-recovery-project/
[jutta, Sep 12 2007]


       My iron keeps getting snagged on this wire.
pertinax, Sep 12 2007

       Full throttle on the "steam" button just before touching down!   

       Meh about the motivation (gender stereotypes are so ... stereotypical), but the idea is really neat - and quite doable! I'd love an aircraft carrier ironing board cover with embroidered deck markings!   

       Alternatively, an aircraft carrier with little pink flowers would look good, too.
jutta, Sep 12 2007

       I was also tempted to include "smooth operator" by Sade as one of my ironing songs.
xenzag, Sep 12 2007

       And for the readers, "A Wrinkle in Time".
normzone, Sep 12 2007

       *sniff* she just passed recently...
k_sra, Sep 12 2007

       I love the: "how to make an ironing board cover" illustrations.
xenzag, Sep 12 2007

       I may just throw my ironing board out of the window...   

       I am losing the willlll
po, Sep 12 2007

       ''Throw my ticket out the window, throw my suitcase out there too.
Throw my troubles out the door, I don't need them any more cause tonight I'll be staying here with you."
Bob Dylan
xenzag, Sep 12 2007

       Do I have to wear my dress whites, or can I get by with my browns? [+]
shapu, Sep 13 2007

       Don't personally iron. Have never really understood it as practiced by most people. I mean, I can understand ironing the odd smart cotton shirt but who needs ironed knickers? socks? bedsheets? nighties? t-shirts? What's that all about (like, totally uncool).   

       That said, I love this board 'n' iron combo and I wouldn't be averse to my fella using one.
squeak, Sep 13 2007

       I don't know whether to [-] for the bullshit stereotyping (mechanic's mat done up to look like floral tablecloth for reluctant female auto engineers anyone?) or [+] for the actually rather cool idea of an aircraft carrier ironing board. I think I'll [+] - it's the first time in a long time for me at the HB and it's nice to be back.
DocBrown, Sep 13 2007

       (welcome back, [DocBrown])
k_sra, Sep 13 2007

       //What's that all about (like, totally uncool).//   

       squeak--I've admired you from afar for a very long time. But now, because of your anno, I have to let it be known. Can I be your fella?
Noexit, Sep 13 2007

       Cheers [k_sra]. Nice to be here, so it is.
DocBrown, Sep 13 2007

       Does it have somewhere to put your beers?
the dog's breakfast, Sep 13 2007

       poor [Noexit], if she already has a fella.
k_sra, Sep 13 2007

       This is a dating site now? Darn, missed my chance again.
egbert, Sep 13 2007

       I would like to see the addition of the steam catapult running down the flight deck. I could align my pant creases and blast the steam the full length of my pants. Awesome idea. [+]
Klaatu, Sep 13 2007

       [klaatu] this is about ironing your clothes. Quit blasting your pants and pay attention.
david_scothern, Sep 13 2007

       I forgot to mention how much I like this idea. Well done, [xenzag]!
dentworth, Sep 13 2007

       Love the concept...but why do you want to iron in your pool?   


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