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Ironing Shoes

Shuffle your feet, iron your sheets.
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Shoes with ironing soles. While pondering all of the clothes laying around the floor of my bedroom, I noticed two things.

1. I walk on a lot of these clothes every day.

2. Almost all of them could use a bit of ironing.

By taking the bottoms off of two irons and putting them on a pair of comfy and well- insulated shoes, I could have a pair of fashionable pointy-toed ironing shoes. I could be getting my ironing done with every step. They could also be useful for clearing snow from the sidewalk in the winter.

footzilla, Jan 22 2006


       just remember to switch the damn things off or you'll ruin a lot of clothes, carpets, floorings, bedding...
po, Jan 22 2006

       please tell me they would be steam irons. that would look cool.
etherman, Jan 22 2006

       I'm with etherman here. In fact I'd settle for dry-ice shoes that didn't iron at all.
wagster, Jan 22 2006


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