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Iron in' vaders

Space game iron
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As I am led to believe, ironing is the most boring hosehold job. To liven it up and maybe make it a more enjoyable task I was thinking that a game could be incorporated into the Iron, by use of a screen placed just above the handle. On the handle itself there would be two buttons operated by your thumb. One - steam button, the other - no help whatsoever with ironing, but would zap oncoming space craft. The steering would be controlled by the movement of your hand whilst ironing.
gizmo, Dec 12 2001


       then get your kid to do the ironing. I am thinking of similar games involving oven cleaning and toilet brushes ( not together obviously)
po, Dec 12 2001

       I thought grownups might enjoy it?
gizmo, Dec 12 2001

       * * * * * * *   

       * * * * * * *   

       ' ' '   



       LEVEL 2   

       HIGHEST SCORE = GIZMO 125890347
gizmo, Dec 12 2001

       My little sister (15 on Dec 28th) likes ironing. You could borrow her. You could have her to keep, but the food bills would bankrupt you.   

       Perhaps you could make the game more involved with the ironing, so you got points for every crease you smoothed out and lost points every time you make a crease. As you got points the iron would get hotter, and if you did 5 shirts perfectly, espresso would come out the handle.
pottedstu, Dec 12 2001

       5 perfect shirts = a week for 2 in Kenya   

       1 hanky = an expresso
arora, Dec 12 2001

       my sock = one million pounds.
gizmo, Dec 13 2001


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