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Ironing Worktop

can't be arsed to grab the ironing board ?
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it always seems like quite a hassle to grab the ironing board every morning just to iron a t-shirt, so, recently, I experimented with using the kitchen worktop, I'm pleased to report it works quite well, but isn't quite porous enough for a steam iron.
My idea is, quite simply, they should make a kitchen worksurface out of cleanable, but slightly softer, more porous material.
neilp, Oct 10 2003

How about this? http://www.knapeand...tm?NRMODE=Published
"Pull-out ironing board that stores in a cabinet drawer" [Laughs Last, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 05 2004]


       A porous work surface in the kitchen somehow seems like a bad plan.
half, Oct 10 2003

       ok, perhaps not porous, perhaps just with microdimples to allow a bit of steam through.
neilp, Oct 10 2003

       How about a flip-over counter top? One side is cushy, the other is Formica.
phoenix, Oct 10 2003

       I like that, [C Trebor]. Ironing boards that fold down out of a cabinet are fairly common.   

       Then again, I solved the problem by buying a house with a room where I could leave the ironing board set up all the time so what do I know?
half, Oct 10 2003

       [neilp] resigns to the fact that he'll just have to buy a bigger house...
neilp, Oct 11 2003

       [neilp] if you put a couple of clean teatowels down on your worktop and then iron. That'll give you your porous surface that you need.   

       Of course, if you can't be arsed to get a ironing board out, there's every chance you won't be arsed to put teatowels down prior to ironing.
jonthegeologist, Oct 11 2003

       [half] I tried to solve the problem in a similar way. However my partner will insist on ironing in the lounge (and keeping the ironing board there) so he can watch the telly at the same time thereby negating the whole 'ironing room' idea.   

       Personally, I just try to buy clothes that don't need ironing, but I work in a University so scruffy and creased clothing is pretty much a requirement.
hazel, Oct 11 2003

       I think you'll need a comma there somewhere [h].
neilp, Oct 11 2003

       Hmmmn. Good point. The University is neither scruffy nor creased but clothing is definitely a requirement, even if it's only labcoats.
hazel, Oct 11 2003

       having seen some of your colleagues, I'm glad that the rules haven't been changed in the way that your commarless statement made me suspect.
neilp, Oct 11 2003


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