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Magic Roundabout Iron

musical iron
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Magic Roundabout Iron is an iron that plays the theme tune to the Magic Roundabout while you go about the otherwise tedious business of ironing clothes/sheets etc. (if you're not familiar with the programme or the tune, play the link)

You can download other tracks to play in your new iron but The Magic Roundabout is the default because it was such a mad programme, and only the truly mad care about wrinkles in anything. (I've never ironed one thing in my entire life, but would start if this iron was available)

Deluxe version comes with Magic Roundabout costume items to wear whilst ironing.

xenzag, Jan 03 2023

Magic Roundabout https://www.faceboo...t/4097145967072536/
had a cult following for many years [xenzag, Jan 03 2023]

2014 patent https://patents.goo...ent/CN104328639A/en
[a1, Jan 03 2023]

Alternate Sound Track https://www.youtube...watch?v=5s7_WbiR79E
[a1, Jan 03 2023]

And who would market a musical iron? https://www.singer.com/fabric-care/irons
[a1, Jan 03 2023]


       [+] for hilighting one of my favorite stop-motion animations. Even though the original was French.   

       [-] Because music player built into a clothes iron is not a new idea.   

       So it's a wash.
a1, Jan 03 2023

       All it needs is to be an automatic iron that rotates roundabout-style to flatten your clothes?
prufrax, Jan 03 2023

       Well, as the idea was sitting in my notebook since 2003, I'm claiming to be the originator. That looks like a Chinese patent and as they steal, copy plagiarise and everything, it counts for nothing. I am the true original and fuck the imitators!
xenzag, Jan 03 2023

       You need to hide your notebooks better.
a1, Jan 03 2023

       I am im-pressed by the hot argument here. Sometimes these ideas crease me up. It does steam to have been commercially marketed already, but sometimes you need to ignore that and just press on regardless.
pocmloc, Jan 03 2023

       No real argument here. Is common knowledge that [xenzag] invented everything. Even had some early ideas inscribed in the stone passageways at Sí an Bhrú.   

       But you lose priority if you don't publish.
a1, Jan 03 2023


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