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Is It Really a Pigeon?

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To do this, you will first need a dead pigeon. How you come by this deceased fowl is up to you - though they can often be attained by way of a swift kick to the beak or chest area.

Take the bird back to your office/laboratory/hanger etc and remove the head with scissors or knife.

Replace the head with whatever you wish - for example:

- a half eaten chocalate bar

- the head off a barbie doll

- a ripe strawberry

If attached properly with a fine cotton and needle, it will look as if the replacement head has been on the poor beast since its unholy birth. Replace it in the area that you found it and hide in the bushes or behind a bin.

As someone approaches, walk up to the bird, pick it up and say to them in a stern voice - 'Is it really a pigeon?'. Record their response via photographs and as text and compile this over a period of 3 months.

The resulting documentation will make an interesting coffee table book to amuse friends/relatives/inmates etc.

benfrost, Jun 18 2005


       //you will first need a dead pigeon//
Funny, that sounds awfully familiar somehow... great idea.[+]
moomintroll, Jun 18 2005

       piltdown pigeon.
po, Jun 18 2005

       For those who have tired of the "Is it really a fish?" home game.
waugsqueke, Jun 18 2005

       I read this sick and perverted idea through, twice, and I have only one question:   

       Why three months?
Ling, Jun 18 2005

       Is it soup, yet?.
gnomethang, Jun 18 2005

       it will take 3 months to have enough pages for the coffee table book - what with layout, printing and publishers as well as sewing new heads on dead pigeons, it will be quite a kerfuffle.
benfrost, Jun 18 2005

       [waugsqueke], I knew this idea sounded familiar.
finrod, Jun 19 2005

       Oh, [ben]. I come round the bakery just to find out that you're still crazy. ++
Pericles, Jun 19 2005

       Look! Up in the sky! It's a bird! It's...What the hell is that thing? Looks like someone grafted a ripe strawberry to some wings and threw it out a window. Ooo, who ever owns that car is going to be angry.
sartep, Jun 19 2005

       Funnily enough I knew who the author would be after the first sentence.
Use superman's head. Then people won't know what to say.
hidden truths, Jun 19 2005

       "Is it a bird? Is it Superman?"   

       "Er, no, it's just some sick joke."
froglet, Jun 19 2005


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