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A children's book for adults
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[thecat]'s right: Work the "popup" angle. This was [thecat]'s suggestion re: "101 things to do with the morning erection".

Try creating a book called "Peniscapes". It would look like a thick-paged children's book (but for adults, of course) with a big hole through the center of each page.

To begin, you place the book over your erect penis, so that your penis sticks out from the middle of each page.

As you turn the pages, each page depicts a historical or imaginary landmark (e.g. Leaning Tower of Pisa, Washington Monument, Empire State Building, etc.), and your penis is the star.

...BTW, a "multi-player version" for gay couples would also be a fun novelty. Think World Trade Center.

phundug, Jun 26 2003

Popup Book For Adults http://www.springha...epublicofdreams.htm
Plenty of nudity, apparently, but the popups are mostly Zeppelins. [DrCurry, Oct 17 2004, last modified Oct 21 2004]

National Monument in Amsterdam http://www.hotelpri...f.com/mokum/dam.jpg
a picture of the National WWII Monument on Dam Square in Amsterdam [rrr, Oct 17 2004]

Someone baked my idea!!! http://www.powells....ge=customercomments
[phundug, Jul 20 2006]

Mine too ! - Look at this... http://web.mac.com/...over/lipo%20ad.html
then read my idea of 6 months earlier below [xenzag, Jul 20 2006]

Lipo-buttons Lipo-Buttons
Spot the difference ! Nice to have a global image of one of your ideas though [xenzag, Jul 20 2006]


       Didn't Jello Biafra do something along these lines? Or was it Frank Zappa? <Scurrying off to look for links>
saker, Jun 26 2003

       // Won't it be difficult to turn the pages, once you've got yourself inserted? //   

       Authors have been struggling with this problem for generations, and have not found an answer. Unfortunately, it's the art that ultimately suffers.
phundug, Jun 26 2003

       Thanks [Mr Burns].   

       Watch out for paper cuts!
saker, Jun 26 2003

       I'm not sure that "Culture" is necessarily the right place for this. And while I'm all for surreal modification of landscapes, I fear this ode to the one-eyed god of gratification would prove a bit monotonous. Maybe if it mixed in other body parts with sexual connotations?
DrCurry, Jun 26 2003

       // Won't it be difficult to turn the pages, once you've got yourself inserted? //   

       I find an odd existentialist truth to that...
RayfordSteele, Jun 26 2003

       My first "Facts of Life" book featured pop-up anatomy.   

       A variation, which avoids the page-turning conundrum, is to have a series of illustrated boards - like those they have at fairs where you put your head through to get your picture taken. In fact, I see a whole range of adult novelty fairground possibilities.   

       Final thought - I read "Peniscope". The mind boggles.   

       Up Peniscope!
whimsickle, Jun 26 2003

       Surely, one wouldn't have the balls to plow through this book in one sitting?
FarmerJohn, Jun 27 2003

       Perhaps Pfizer could go into publishing.
bristolz, Jun 27 2003

       "members everywhere" Hah!
pluterday, Jun 27 2003


       Like the title (so elegant and arty).   

       Like the reference to ME (so early and so positive).   

       Like the amusing possibilities of the ensuing conversation (yet to be -fully- realized)   

       Question: Does my (deliberate) use of repetition, spacing, etc. make this comment a [oh my god!(IIDE)] list.
thecat, Jun 27 2003

       No. Should it?
bristolz, Jun 27 2003

       No. Nice to see you don't think so either. Ah, progress. Of course, if I had written it exactly the same but NUMBERED the items ...
thecat, Jun 27 2003

       Jello Biafra Rocks IMHO.
One word: Lard!
gnomethang, Jun 27 2003

       Read quickly.
Cedar Park, Jul 17 2003

       "Watch out for paper cuts!"   

       i read that wrong.
pjd, Jul 17 2003

       Someone baked my idea!!! (see link)   

       Do you think they stole it? Do I have any redress? I nearly fell off the toilet when I opened my Time Out New York magazine and saw this.
phundug, Jul 20 2006

       [phundog ]I share your frustration - but you probably have zero redress. Publishing on Bakery is a form of disclosure. If you have a great, commercially viable idea , then it's best to copyright it first. You could try threatening them, and use the site as proof of date of original publication - but if they go to court, the expert legal fees may be huge. I have a batch of ideas that i would never put up here - stick with the half-baked stuff, or just enjoy the fact that you thought of it first and damn the feckless plagiarisers.   

       I am going to put a link to one of my ideas, for Lipo-buttons and an advert that followed it - you tell me if it was copied. What can I do ? - nothing except laugh. Bun for your originality +
xenzag, Jul 20 2006

       Damn those idea-poaching Polish ad-men!
wagster, Jul 20 2006

       // If you have a great, commercially viable idea , then it's best to copyright it first.   

       Xenzag probably means "patent," not "copyright". One can't copyright ideas, and you don't have to copyright your text - you retain copyright, even when publishing here.   

       I recommend you smile at the coincidence and enjoy the fact that you didn't have to lift a finger, and didn't have to risk thousands of dollars in production costs for an adult novelty, yet get to see your idea realized. (And the production could have been a lot worse.)
jutta, Aug 01 2007

       [jutta], just out of curiousity, can one prove in a court that they have rights to an idea (using their posting here as proof)? Is there any way to prove one didn't edit an old idea to make it seem as though they had come up with it first?
acurafan07, Aug 01 2007

       If you want to prove that you thought of something, get a patent, or publish it in a journal for purposes of disclosure.   

       And if you want legal advice, talk to a lawyer; good intentions nonwithstanding, don't post questions to an online forum and expect the answers to be helpful, or correct.
jutta, Aug 01 2007

       Do these capes come in different sizes? (mines' a large, obviously).
Karnuvap, Aug 02 2007

       AHHH I do not need this running around my head right now!! Running Penises! Round and Round, Dancing!
twitch, Aug 02 2007

       You been hanging out in Second Life again?
jutta, Aug 03 2007

       In 1983 I was walking down a Tokyo street with a local friend when a blaring, brightly-bannered speaker truck raced by. I asked my friend what it was all about, and she said, "They're getting ready for the general erection."
Ander, Aug 03 2007


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