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Oh, There's Waldo

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Where's Waldo simplified. Maybe there's like ten or twenty people hanging around, not much going on. For when you get frustrated after not finding your striped buddy for a while.

Who hangs out near an erupting volcanoe with cavemen slugging it out with dinosaurs anyway?

notmarkflynn, Feb 17 2006

Waldo? Pah. http://en.wikipedia...iki/Where%27s_Waldo
He was Wally first. Also known as Charlie to the French. [hidden truths, Feb 20 2006]


       [marked–for-deletion] if there's an invention here it's not discernable by me.
bristolz, Feb 17 2006

       I like the name, but yeah, not really an invention.
PollyNo9, Feb 17 2006

       We should do it with the Bakery. But instead of trying to find a Waldo, you would have to find a good idea. Sometimes those are harder to find than that striped beatnik.   

       Why not have a great big coffee-table book of Wally (or Waldo if you must) portraiture? I'm thinking big, full page head-and shoulders images of Wally - with no-one else in the background at all.
zen_tom, Feb 17 2006

       Nope, I stared at this one, and scanned it carefully, but I just can't see the idea. [-]
coprocephalous, Feb 17 2006

       I like this +
zeno, Feb 18 2006

       So do I, I'll vote against the current.
wagster, Feb 18 2006

       Same here, +
MikeOxbig, Feb 19 2006

       I see the invention as being a book where it is easy to find Wally, to make a welcome respite from the normal, well hidden ones. Eminently halfbaked and very much an invention IMHO.   

       I'd vote for it, if the Simpsons hadn't already done it in "Find Waldo Yet Again", a book in one of the Treehouse of Horror shows.   

       Edit: Actually, in the words of Trey Parker and Matt Stone, "So what dude, the Simpsons have done everything". [+]
hidden truths, Feb 20 2006


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