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Is Seattle's Best Coffee really Seattle's Best Coffee?

Let's all find out.
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You've heard of the Pepsi challenge? Well this is the SBC challenge. We create a taste test between Seattle's Best Coffee and some of Seattle's other coffees. We go to Rockefeller Center and we set up a small table and we put out a thermos full of SBC and another thermos filled with another Seattle area coffee. Altogether, we put out about four or five thermoses filled with coffee from around the Seattle area. We taste test them and through votes, we determine whether Seattle's Best Coffee is in fact Seattle's Best Coffee.
d-eschew, Feb 08 2001

Best Coffee http://www.peets.com
Peets coffee is the best. [iuvare, Feb 08 2001]

All things caffeinated http://www.thinkgee...stuff/caffeine.html
[absterge, Feb 08 2001]

Too Much Coffee Man http://www.toomuchc...micnavframeset.html
The Caffeinated Super Hero (Edited 9/22/01 to update change link location) [mwburden, Feb 08 2001]

Too Much Coffee Man's idea of Hell http://www.toomuchc.../024_reallydead.gif
What Hell really means. Remember, TMCM's motto is: "Don't drink crappy coffee!" (Edited 9/22/01 to update changed link location) [mwburden, Feb 08 2001]

article from yesterday http://www.guardian...273,4232490,00.html
the coffee chains are taking us over, basically. [lewisgirl, Feb 08 2001]


       The "Seattle's Best Coffee" brand is owned by AFC Enterprises, Inc., who are based in Atlanta, GA. Ironically, when they were actually a local company, they were known as "Smith Brothers' Coffee" (same initials -- SBC).   

       AFC also own "Cinnabon" and a few other franchise food chains.
egnor, Feb 08 2001

       There's a couple of Cinnabon's in malls near me. I hate their technique:   

       Eject all of their off gases into the hallway near the washroom. That way, if you're cleaning up after your meal, you brain ALWAYS says "You have to have Cinnabon. Now. Quickly".   

       I swear they must put some kind of drug that we've all become dependent on in that gas.
Wes, Feb 08 2001

       And if your survey shows that SBC is not Seattles best coffee...?
blahginger, Feb 08 2001

       Peets coffee is the best coffee around, period.   

       They operate out of Berkeley and, incidentally, taught the Starbucks people how to roast.
iuvare, Feb 08 2001

       Oh, so, Peets must have been where Starbucks learned to overroast (burn) their coffee.
bristolz, Feb 08 2001

       You know, it's all just coffee.
Vance, Feb 13 2001

       Dude, no it's not! It's not! Peet's is the best coffee ever and I should know, I drink it every morning, I love the stuff! My apartment is sparkling clean, I get all my work done in the first five minutes of my workday, and I swear to God I swear I'm really close to knowing the meaning of life! All this on two and a half hours of sleep a night! Way!!!
1percent, Apr 04 2001

       actually, Rods, try thinkgeek. They've got an assortment of non-coffeenated caffeine articles.
absterge, Apr 04 2001

       Seattle's Best tastes way better than than Peets (whose coffee is just as overpowering and bitter tasting as its intrepid student Starbucks).
blahhappy, Jul 28 2001

       I heard about a guy who drank a cup of Seattle's Best Coffee and died 5 years later. I used to think it was a mere coincidence but now it's all coming together.
talamunda, Jul 28 2001

       I had my first taste of Seattle's Best Coffee in Atlanta's Worst Coffeehouse. So its goodness may have been relative. And while I'm partial to Starbucks Sumatra, it's the industrial-strength sturdiness of Royal Cup that really makes the day zip along.
The Military, Jul 29 2001

       Yep. Thinkgeek has tons of caffeinated stuff. including syrup. I believe the syrup has something like 100mg of caffeine per oz. something like that. maybe more concentrated.
kender, Jul 30 2001

       Sumatran rocks. My fiancee has a friend who Knows People and can get Starbucks' stuff right off the ship.   

       Besides, their sticker for it has a black tiger with white stripes. But that's just serendipity...
StarChaser, Aug 04 2001

       The best thing about Seattle's Best Coffee is that you can walk into a Starbucks and ask, "Is this Seattle's best coffee?" and they have to say, "No".
LeBain, Jan 16 2002

       You know, now that I re-read it, I think 1percent's anno above is a classic.
bristolz, Jan 16 2002

       The best coffee is not from some hyped up megamanufacturer, it is good quality beans roasted in front of your eyes, then ground and brewed. Consult your local independent bean roaster and see the difference yourself.
kingmango, Feb 03 2002

hello_c, Feb 04 2002

       Sight for sore eyes, beans getting ground up. And there is a sort of fanfare towards the end. Sound for sore ears.
neelandan, Feb 04 2002

       *pottedstu sobs quietly into mug of Nescafe*
pottedstu, Feb 04 2002


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