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Mexican Jumping Bean Coffee
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Coffee beans with the same worm found in the Mexican jumping bean. It could be sold for amusement or so you can tell how fresh the coffee is. I imagine a Starbucks slogan: "Jump start your day with our new JumpinJava coffee. You can see the freshness."
pecknological, Sep 07 2001

Kopi Luwak http://www.thecoffe...on3/html/kopi.shtml
PeterSealy can't tell this from a goat. [jutta, Sep 07 2001]


       ...uh, what?
iuvare, Sep 07 2001

snarfyguy, Sep 08 2001

       Ever wonder how someone figured out that one could eat certain foods? How did the first guy figure out that picking beans out of a cat's poop was a good idea...and how did he sucker the SECOND guy into it?
StarChaser, Sep 08 2001


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