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Is This Your Life?

The Big Red Book Show - With a twist.
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Meet Kate. Kate is going about her daily business of shopping on behalf of old people at the Big I. Then, just as she turns down the adult nappy aisle, she is meeted by a gentleman carrying a red book, who says, Kate, this is your life.

Kate is taken to the studio. She then takes part in various rounds of the program including:

Did this happen?
Where Kate has to guess which thing didn't actually happen in her life, and has been made up by the TV-Show.

Who is this person?
Kate hears the voice of a person that played an important part in her life. She has to guess exactly weho it is from voice alone.

Have we met?
A cross between the two previous rounds, where Kate must decide which person she hasn't met, and who the others are.

Before each round is a quick series of questions about your life. You have to get at least 7 out of ten in order to progress to the next round. Prizes are awarded according to how far you get.

Past Round 1:Tombstone and Grave
Past Round 2: Fully Paid Life Assurance & Above
Past Round 3: Exemption From Death Duties & All Above

Kate got the Fully Paid Life Assurance, how well would you do?

[ sctld ], May 16 2002


       Halfbaked by the 60's BBC radio show "I'm Sorry I'll Read That Again" (Staring Graham Garden, Bill Oddie, John Cleese et al)
mcscotland, May 16 2002

       //et al//   

       My that must've been a large cast
[ sctld ], May 16 2002

       There was about eight of them, I think.
mcscotland, May 16 2002

       Augh, must my jokes constantly go misunderstood? <swoon>
[ sctld ], May 16 2002

       Or maybe they don't...
mcscotland, May 16 2002

       Eight casts? Was Spiderman on there?
thumbwax, May 16 2002

       I'm not a big fan of these new amusing/degrating real-life shows. Cross it with a game show and you have my own personal torture.
Bohemianqueen, May 16 2002

       It was on the Fishing Channel.
pottedstu, May 16 2002

       //I'm not a big fan of these new amusing/degrating real-life shows. Cross it with a game show and you have my own personal torture.//   

       Ooh, fun!   

       Actually, the show "This is Your Life" on which this stems from is not new or degrading or a real-life show. It chronicals the lives of semi-famous people as they watch on in wonder as to what the presenter will reveal to him next, his long lost brother, his second year physics teacher, or his boss of twenty years.   

       I assume that you aren't from the UK, bohemian
[ sctld ], May 16 2002

       Sounds like a cross between an infomercial and a game show, ¯[ sctld ], not that a game show a bad thing. I'm for the idea of theme prizes that are out of the ordinary ($1MM, loadaboloney) and prizes of aftercare arrangements is very funny. I recall years ago that TV had many shows sponsored by insurance companies, while today the insurers seem to be also-rans aside local service business ads and self-effacing network news ads. Cars and Food seem to predominate in the sponsorship market.   

       "One Life to Lose" sounds a bit catchier, if you don't mind my saying. With a tagline like, "Die! So that we might laugh!", or "You'll be glad you lived!"   

       Don't surprise people with a contestant entry, either. That is the likening to an informercial that I complained about before. Recalling the "This is Your Life" series, I had the uncomfortable feeling at the time that many of the appearances were anything but spontaneous. That explained, for me at least, that many of a contestant's loved ones had all the personality of a cold commode seat.
reensure, May 16 2002


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