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Miljoenenjacht Takeaway

22 box's,just one question."Miljoenenjacht takeaway or no Miljoenenjacht takeaway?"
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Five hundred audience members belonging to the Brigade de cuisine are selected at random and instructed to assemble upon a podium then jostle for the ultimate differential food takeaway supremacy.

Once the lights have dimmed the telephone naturally rings with a a food portion offer via the chef de cuisine.

"Miljoenenjacht takeaway or no Miljoenenjacht takeaway?"

It would more than often end up with a wreckage of Brigade de cuisine clutching and wrestling over a box with the number 4 upon its surface and only containing a palatable ham hock and Pacific barreleye, the ultimate prize is to spank the chef de cuisine.

skinflaps, Apr 22 2012

Deal or No Something http://www.dealornodeal.co.uk/
10 chicken pieces and 12 potatoes [skinflaps, Apr 22 2012]


       Aside from the Dutch, who wants to eat Dutch food? We're honestly expecting people to compete for it?
Alterother, Apr 22 2012

       Box 16 contains Hagelslag and sourkraut.   

       "Miljoenenjacht takeaway or no Miljoenenjacht takeaway?"
skinflaps, Apr 22 2012

       //who wants to eat Dutch food?// Rijsttafel?
mouseposture, Apr 22 2012


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