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Stay Dry and Please Allah.
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In some Islamic states, it is recommended, ir even mandatory for a woman to wear a burqa. This is an item of clothing that completely covers the body. In the hot countries this must surely be uncomfortable because of over-heating. And in the wetter countries, it may in fact rain, which would would make the burkha clingy (ruining the purpose) and uncomfortable.

Introducing the Islambrella. It is like a normal umbrella only with extra material attatched to the edges, that can be folded up and held with velcro when not in use. When unfurled the material would reach to, or almost to the croud, with a semi-transparent rectangle at head height for the eyes. It would come in a variety of sizes for people of different heights.

This would also be useful for non-muslims as, in sunny weather it would most definitely prevent sunburn, and would be far superior to a normal umbrella in rain in that there would be no danger of the run off from the edges falling down the back of your neck. Also there would be no way for those irritating gusts of wind to get under the umbrella and turn it inside out.

All of this whilst ensuring that your attire in no way offends Allah. Hell you could go out wearing no clothes and nobody would ever know it.

hidden truths, Sep 21 2005

umbrella-coat hat umbrella-coat_20hat
similar [skinflaps, Sep 21 2005]

Chindogu umbrella http://sulafo.e-mer...indogu/umbrella.htm
What you propose I think, however transparent in features. [skinflaps, Sep 21 2005]

Privacy Tent http://www.libertym...pe=product&id=21706
Note the handy mesh windows which allow the wearer to see where (s)he is headed while wearing as replacement for a burqa. [jurist, Sep 21 2005, last modified Sep 22 2005]

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       I noticed the similarity between this and umbrella-coat hat when I was doing a preliminary check. It seemed as though it was sufficiently different, as I appears to be made of transparent sheets, which would completely defeat the object of this idea. And I hadn't thought to make it into a hat. :(
hidden truths, Sep 21 2005

       Chindogu umbrella, linky.
skinflaps, Sep 21 2005

       crescent shaped umbrella?
schmendrick, Sep 21 2005

       Sounds as much like walking around town in a privacy tent [link] as a full length umbrella.
jurist, Sep 21 2005

       Hmmm....Croissant shaped umbrella.   

       What I'm looking for is somewhat of a cross between [skinflaps]' and [jurist]'s links.
hidden truths, Sep 21 2005

       Thanks for the spelling [UB], and I wasn't debating the use of a full burqa, merely accepting it as a form of dress and tryign to make it more comfortable.
hidden truths, Sep 22 2005


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