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Isoscel-Cheese On Toast

mathematical cheese slices
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Named after the well known equal sided triangle, Isoscel-Cheese On Toast is just one of the many examples of mathematical cheese slices now available that are not only delicious to eat, but you get to learn something too.

Each pack contains a variety of well known cheeses in the form of convenient slices, with each slice being shaped to represent a famous mathematical/geometric shape.

Some of these are simple like The Swiss Rhomboid; the Cheddar Hexagon, or Edam’s Torus but others display more complex concepts in cheese form, such as Canor’s Theorem (as made out of Red Leicester)

The papers separating the slices display a simple printed explanation of the mathematics/geometric attributes of each cheese. Now you can satisfy your frustration with solving Goldberg's Khanin-Sinai Conjector by simply eating a piece of Gouda cheese in the shape of a Mandelbrot Set.

xenzag, Feb 12 2024

Cheese Degrees https://www.amazon....ting/dp/B01LZGZM32/
DIY version [pocmloc, Feb 12 2024]


       pre-sliced cheese [-]
Fun idea [+]
Not that novel <link>
pocmloc, Feb 12 2024

       I think the originality is in the die-cutting of the cheese. The thickness could be anything manageable, from a slice to an ottoman. Or unmanageable, like a tall star-shaped column. A cheese column. In a cheesoleum. But I digress...
minoradjustments, Feb 12 2024


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