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Wallet Cheese

Portable cheese snacks
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Why not have credit card sized, wrapped cheese pieces that would fit perfectly in a wallet? I call them Wallet Cheese. You could have different flavors, jalapeno, cheddar, munster, etc. They would be convenient, always on hand, nice and warm when needed.

Perfect protein snack for those on the go.

Cyd8, Mar 16 2006

Already in existance http://www.theplug.....10/boilcheese1.jpg
And why not? Because I don't like cheese. [fridge duck, Mar 16 2006]

Laughing Cow Cheese http://www.thelaugh...ductsL2-MiniBabyBel
This stuff can last a realllly long time. [NotTheSharpestSpoon, Mar 17 2006]


       A coworker who just heard the idea suggeted fondue and I thought that was a wonderfull idea. With Wallet Cheese your seconds away from a great fondue experience!!!!
Cyd8, Mar 16 2006

       Store cheese in your wallet? I mean, if it's cheddar, I want it, but the little compartment would have to be refridgerated somehow.   

       Else it would go bad.
DesertFox, Mar 16 2006

       Warm cheese doesn't work, wouldn't it go off? Excellent idea though, cold weather permitting, of course.
w0lfman, Mar 19 2006

       You could do with with freeze-dried fat free cheese.
bungston, Mar 19 2006

       Why not have a wallet *made* from cheese? Long lasting and it stops your money falling out.
phundug, Mar 20 2006


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