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Use a "metaformat" to abstract all data and services, and get an "interactable index".
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All what people really need from the Internet, is object views and function calls. So, what about having those things as data properties associated with data sources and software packages needed to drive (read/modify) them, rather than operating system or browser properties? Do so, and the Internet just becomes an "Item-Net", -- an exchange of items of all types among identities of all types, where software is dynamically installed and removed automatically based on the needs to interact with item types.
Mindey, Mar 14 2019

Metaformat https://book.mindey...orm-philosophy.html
[Mindey, Mar 14 2019]


       Looks like a theory of everything is on track if it passes hierarchy, security and monetary checks.
wjt, Mar 14 2019

       this seems perilously close to a WIBNI
theircompetitor, Mar 14 2019


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