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PC Filing Adviser

PC Filing Adviser uses file name tags to present a list of likely folders to place a file in, and automatically places the file in the folder you select
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When you save a bookmark in the Firefox browser, the browser tries to match words in the website title to existing bookmark folders. You can enhance this existing linking feature with tags. PC Filing Adviser gives a similar "Save As" word/tag match tool in Windows.

To save the time in clicking folder after sub-folder, especially when filing a large number of dissimilar files in one setting, place a key word or "tag" in a file title that is the same as one of the words or tags in a folder(s) title. When you click "Save As," a menu appears with the most likely folder(s) to place the file in. Choose and left click the folder from the menu list and the the file is automatically placed in that folder.

If such a tool already exists, please annotate. Thank you.

Sunstone, Feb 14 2010

Firefox bookmark tags http://support.mozi...n&s=bookmarks%20tag
Firefox bookmark tag instructions [Sunstone, Feb 14 2010]




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