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manage all accounts
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Being a member of a digital society is becoming increasingly complex. I waste an inordinate amount of time checking and updating several e-mail accounts, instant messaging, online banking, and various student academic accounts. With my recent acquisitions of a halfbakery account, I think it is time for a change.

The MetaProfile would allow easy management of all accounts. In its most basic form, the program is fairly simple. You enter a master password, and it brings up a list of your favorite loginable websites. Simply click on one to have metaprofile log you.

The goal of MetaProfile is to reach agreements with other parties that would allow addition of more functionality. For example, when you log in to Metaprofile, there will be alerts next to any of your e-mail accounts that have received new messages, as well as alerts if anyone bones your halfbakery ideas. Another useful feature would be to control personal information across all profiles at once. If you change your address/spouse/sex, you could simply enter the change into Metaprofile, and it would update the information in all your accounts. Similarly, after taking a stunning photograph of myself, I could use MetaProfile to upload it into Nakedness Auction, Boobiethon, and sundry other websites at once.
riemann_ranger, Jan 17 2006


       Very good. I try to use the same password everywhere. But my some sights (hehe) insist I use letters and numbers, some say I have to use a least six digits others have a maximum of four. So I end up with different passwords anyway and keep forgetting them.   

       Judging from both your ideas you will become a regular bun-collector here.
zeno, Jan 18 2006

       isn't this "myyahoo?"
ato_de, Jan 18 2006

       Maybe partly. There are a couple existing services that can do some of these tasks, but none that really integrate it this fully. (I don't know much about myyahhoo though).
riemann_ranger, Jan 24 2006


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