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Itsy Bitsy Teenie Weenies

Tiny sausages as ingredients for soups and pastas
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The smallest commercially available cocktail sausages I've seen are about as thick as a pencil and 2cm long. It should be possible to go down to a much smaller size, so that the weiners/chippolitas/cheerios/frankfurts (choose your local handle) are small enough to fit inside a piece of macaroni.

I imagine using the teenie weenies to add to soups (oh, that delicious burst of pig grease as you bite down on several teenie weenies in a spoonful of lentil soup..), to fry up and add to omelettes and of course to stuff into individual pieces of macaroni.

Would see them as quite addictive, so a treat rather than a staple.

ConsulFlaminicus, Mar 16 2005


       may as well use a grinder that pushes the meat out in tiny round strands. most of the ground beef I buy looks like that.
dentworth, Mar 16 2005


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