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All nutrients needed, nothing else to eat ever
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I am in the minority on this, I'm sure, but I hate eating. I hate the fuss and bother of it; the endless recipe hunting, restaurant menu confusion, endless "what do I eat, when do I eat" dieting, etc. etc. I would trade eating variety (whoop-de-doo) for having a biscuit of reasonable tastiness that conveyed all the nutrients that dieticians thought I should have and nothing more.

This would also allow me to convert the kitchen into a room useful for things other than eating. Also, food intake being a controlled amount and type would allow for swifter improvements in diet. My kids should be able to eat a much more advanced "biscuit" by the time they're my age.

I know some people couldn't go without their treats or whatnot, but that could also be planned for. Say every Wednesday is "normal" food day; you eat what you want. Personally, if I never had to step into another grocery store, restaurant, or patronize another snack machine, I would be enraptured.

bryaninbama, Jan 30 2004

Apparently it works for dogs http://new.mypetsto...R=1&cookie%5Ftest=1
'Bama Bryan, you want to try one and report back to us...? [DrCurry, Oct 17 2004]


       [if I never had to step into another grocery store, restaurant, or patronize another snack machine, I would be enraptured.]   

       I can see the bumper sticker now:   

       "Warning: in case of Nutri-Bicuit, this restraunt will be un-bryaninbamaed"   

       Ok, maybe I can't see it as clearly as I thought I could....   

       I'd be happy to have some of these for those times when you need sustenance, but have no time for dining. Might be baked, though, as MREs or Power Bars.
normzone, Jan 30 2004

       I'd be more interested in a kibble that can be measured out so that I can eat the appropriate amount for my height and weight.
DonBirnam, Jan 30 2004


       Maybe "enraptured" was a bit strong...   

       Also, Powerbars are out as I did say they should be of "reasonable tastiness", and MRE's still have too much variety for my taste.   


       Kibble, biscuit, whatever; let's not get hung up on semantics! But I see your point.
bryaninbama, Jan 30 2004

       A sort of Vitamin C-biscuit, I take it?
DrCurry, Jan 31 2004

       For those over-achievers who want to be extra healthy, will there be vitamin/fiber/soy/omega3 infused jams and spreads available?   

       -And btw, would you completely eliminate restaurants or would you have them serve only Nutri-biscuits and still frequent them for the social aspect?
tchaikovsky, Jan 31 2004

       DrCurry: for the times you're so hungry you could eat a horse?
theircompetitor, Jan 31 2004

       sorry but I think this idea is a little contrived. I can understand a dislike of cooking and shopping but unless you have a medical complaint surely eating is one of life's major pleasures?   

       most people forced to eat in this manner would become quite unhappy quite quickly and your children would shirley run away from home within a fortnight...   

       anyway, a varied diet is good for you...
po, Jan 31 2004

       this guy that owned a health food store spoke to my class in high school - said he basically takes a bunch of pills instead of eating. (i'm sure he must've had to eat some food though)
flyfast, Jan 31 2004

       Might work for him, but I really doubt it. Getting nutrients and vitamins from pills really isn't the same as getting them from natural foods, as studies have shown over and over (Vitamin E is a good example). Whether it's some subtle difference in the make-up of the chemical, or the associative effects of what comes along with it, is still open to debate.   

       But a balanced diet of real food is really important. Pills should only be an emergency back-up to deal with some specific issue. And, frankly, I think the same is true of biscuits.
DrCurry, Jan 31 2004


       I'm a libertarian, if anyone ELSE wants to do the restaurant thing, more power to them. I'll go along and socialize without having to worry about talking AND eating, since using one hole for both activities is irritating to me. Really, why do people go to resaurants to talk?   


       If the kids didn't wanna, they don't hafta. And to me, eating is one of life's major inconveniences. It's merely an overly complicated means to an end.
bryaninbama, Feb 02 2004

       "It's merely an overly complicated means to an end" - well, I guess you could always just flush the food straight down the toilet.
DrCurry, Feb 02 2004

       so, banana, what do you do to get life's essentials inside of you?
po, Feb 02 2004

       If it were nutritious, it would have to taste terrible. No excess sugar or fat allowed. Multiply this with having to eat a pound or so of it a day. I like it. +
riromero, Feb 02 2004

       You wound me unabubba, but only cause it's true!
bryaninbama, Feb 03 2004

       This would be fairly easy to achieve, but I think the result would be more like a shake or smoothie than a biscuit considering how much more liquid than solid a person needs. Packaging and preserving the stuff in such a way as to retain nutrients and prevent spoilage might be tricky. (That it should taste good is too much to ask.)
AO, Feb 03 2004


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