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"Complete" pellets for oldies
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I did all the searching my eyes would allow to find useful info on this one.

Peter Sealy will no doubt find some instantly, so I gave up.

Other arguments aside, I'd like to feed myself as easily as I did my dog.

She ate almost wholly, a widely advertised "complete" pelleted diet for 12 years, keeping alert and happy till she was run over in a freak accident.

Being a small dog she could have lived till 18 I'm told. [Pause to wipe away maudlin tears].

So why can't I buy at the Senior Citizens [or Golden Oldies] shelves, our equivalent of the pellets she loved and throve on.

[I pass by the impossibly costly pharmaceutical versions in powder and liquid form.]

I'm not ill or obese. I'm just tired of trying to find a no-brain do-everything diet for a body that that's past its use-by date.

[I'm told that some little old ladies are regular buyers of canned baby-foods, and I haven't tried Kip's favourite brand of pellets ... yet.]

But can I run up the local "mountain" the way Kip used to every day, powered by "BARK - the complete food for dogs". No.

Her tongue was never in her cheek ... as mine usually is.

rayfo, Jun 02 2001

Scott Adams: Dilberito http://www.dilberito.com/dilberito.htm
Scott Adams set out with roughly the same goals - to create a handheld, easy to prepare, good-tasting, cheap food, and came up with this. Oddly, it hasn't made it into Silicon Valley stores yet, so I haven't actually seen one up close. Contains vegetables, 100% RDA of 23 essential vitamins, around 300 calories each. Four flavors; sauce on the side. [jutta, Jun 02 2001]

Open source "Bachelor Chow" development effort http://evsh.net/why...elor-chow-a-reality
[jutta, Feb 16 2007]


       A very inteesting link; I didn't find it because I was hung up on pellets and the petfood connection - which still stays with me.   

       Grab packet. Pour into bowl. Woof. Woof. Eat.   

       Snack noodles come close. Neutral flavoured base. Add water. Heat. Add flavour sachet.   

       I now visualise high health-value neutral-flavour pellets.   

       Flavour-sachet works stirred in dry or moistened, or as soup, or as dessert with fruit-flavour sweetened sachets.   

       TVP has possibilities as a base if it adopted the flavour-sachet system.   

       Dare I say that over-population may force us to ban pets and adapt their food-style in this way.   

       I'm told that in some supermarkets, petfoods come second to wines etc. for top dollar sales.   

       What's in petfoods is another story. Mad-dog disease has yet to strike.   

       Weird new world.
rayfo, Jun 03 2001

       This idea is not new anywhere. However, I would really like to see a product like this. As a bachelor and kind of busy guy, I eat practically the same thing for breakfast and lunch each day.   

       A full, complete meal in a simple to consume package would be great. Nutritionally complete and filling are the first two priorities. The filling part is the hardest I think, there's bars and things now that are quite nutritious, but they don't do much for your actual satisfaction.   

       I would buy these and keep them on hand for quick meals. They'd never, for me, replace a good well cooked meal at home or a nice dinner out. But for an easy lunch or breakfast it'd be spectacular.
Noexit, Feb 16 2007


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