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Breakfast Convoy

it's the morning motorcade
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This set of autonomous miniature vehicles would include the scrambled egg cement mixer (linked)

A sausage patty flatbed: This flatbed truck would load, cook, flip, and unload sausage patties using the attached spatchula robot arm.

A self-loading toaster truck with butter and jam spreaders.

A coffee tank truck with cream and sugar hoppers.

A cereal front loader

And a milk tanker.

At breakfast time they would proceed about the table loading empty plates when summoned with voice recognition or a button.

Voice, Feb 12 2011

scrambled egg cement mixer Scrambled_20Egg_20Cement_20Mixer
One of the vehicles and inspiration. [Voice, Feb 12 2011]


       How about a miniature road-gritter for those of us that like cinnamon and sugar on their toast?
MaxwellBuchanan, Feb 12 2011

       Should be wagons in a railway train, drawn by a live steam engine.
pocmloc, Feb 12 2011

       [+] Perhaps parents could rent this, for children's birthday- breakfasts.
mouseposture, Feb 12 2011


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