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Leap Year Holidays

Feb 29 should be a holiday
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Why should we work a whole additional day more in a leap year? Why should our bosses, our employers benefit from this irrationally longer month of February?

Quite obviously, Feb 29 should be a universal public holiday. We can call it Leap Day, to commemorate the fact that the world has leaped forward another four years, or that human beings have astonishingly survived another four years on this planet.

(And on this particular day, we can test Uncle Doodoo's theory that if everyone jumps at the same time, we'll knock the earth out of its orbit... but then again maybe not.)

baboo, Apr 09 2002


       It's one day every 4 years where somebody, somewhere is glad they're earning extra wages.
thumbwax, Apr 09 2002

       Being a salaried person, I get paid the same regardless of how long the month is, but I'm in favour of the 29th being a holiday (and all the other days as well, for that matter).
DrBob, Apr 09 2002

       Its already a religious holiday for the Leaping Nuns of St. Beryls.
mcscotland, Apr 09 2002

       Leap Day is a holiday on my 13-month calendar.
waugsqueke, Apr 09 2002

       Leap day is a holiday on my 5-day/week calendar as well, and set aside for voting in the general election. I agree it's a good idea though.
mrouse, Apr 09 2002


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