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Jay-Z answerphone

I got 99 options
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Very simple. This product is an answerphone for an office, that lets you leave a message for the appropriate person if they're out, or puts you through to the correct department depending on what you need.

All voices are done by Jay-Z (all scripts are written by him as well).

bumhat, Aug 14 2009

Jay Z, 99 problems - and a translation http://www.slangcit...ngs/99_problems.htm
[jutta, Aug 15 2009]

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       Baked. I phoned up my ex-wife's company the other day: I got through to some automated series of options, but they didn't seem to have her number...
Jinbish, Aug 14 2009

       Is Jay-Z a wrapper? Perhaps associated with Jazzy Geoff?
zen_tom, Aug 14 2009

       Thankfully, I don't actually have an ex-wife, I was merely setting up a "99 problems" related gag.   

       Nice work on the measured (and wholly appropriate) response. That's pretty much how supermarket relationships are carried out round here. Of course, I'm presuming you 'stole' 'her' parking space, as opposed to running her husband over - in which case she might have had cause for grievance...
Jinbish, Aug 15 2009


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