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Jello Furniture

Shlooooop! Shlooooop!
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Water beds are fantastic! They are wonderful and relaxing and we shoud make water chairs and water sofas and water carpet (no spiked objects, please).

Though the carpet would probably be better with a gel-like substance, as to not explode when someone drops something pointy.

Wherever you went in your house, the furniture and stuff would be going SHLOOOOP! SHLOOOOP! and squishing and sloshing and stuff!

Maybe not water, but something more like jello.

But jello doesn't slosh.

Jello furniture would be great.

DesertFox, Feb 04 2005

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       Jello furniture for what? If its only purpose is to go "SHLOOOOP" while you walk around your home, this is very stupid. It wouldn't be stable enough for anything to be put on it. Let alone sitting in a jello chair. [-]
Pericles, Feb 05 2005

       It would be very cool. And comfy, too. Gello (gel/jello) is good at molding into contours.
DesertFox, Feb 05 2005

       I agree. If you had a display model recliner made out of the same gel that those computer wrist pads are made from, I'd give it a sit.   

gnomethang, Feb 05 2005

       raspberry please
po, Feb 05 2005

       I've often dreamt of jello furniture. [+]
Machiavelli, Feb 06 2005



       "Argh! Stupid purple 3 inch lions! They keep stepping on my toes!" Machiavelli said. "I'm glad I got them declawed because of the Jello furniture!"   


       Like that?
DesertFox, Feb 06 2005

       Oh my God, [DF]! Get out of my head!
Machiavelli, Feb 06 2005

       <twilightzonemusic> Muwahahahaha! </twilightzonemusic>
DesertFox, Feb 06 2005

       What I don't like about rubber furniture is that it can get hot when you are in contact with it for a while.   

       What about lacing the rubber jelly couch with normal plastic pipes full of water so that you can run icy water around.   

       An idea I like better was from a Heinlein book where the hero had to sleep in a half mould of his body shape for weeks on end. I want a rubber chair built for me so my back never gets tired and I don't have to go to bed.
BlownUpGnome, Feb 06 2005

       Any domestic fight, about who forgot whomherher's anniversay, would turn in an instant fight-in-jello !   

       Make mine lime, please.
_Arthur, Feb 07 2005

       Mmmmmmmm! A lime jello couch?
DesertFox, Feb 07 2005

       How about Agar-Agar furniture for the discerning Asian customer?   

       What kind of fruit should be suspended inside my ottoman?
joeforker, Jun 25 2005

       I like! [+]
xandram, Aug 04 2011

       How has this idea been here for 6 years without any suggestion of custard?   

       Custard filled furniture would add another dimension of fun. Imagine chairs that you can both bounce on and sink into. MMMmmm hmm.
Twizz, Aug 05 2011


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