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Furniture of the Month

New furniture every month
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Furniture-of-the-month club is a rental club, but the price factors in moving and you pick out a new set of furniture every month. Can be purchased as a one-year housewarming gift.

Buying furniture outright is expensive, instead rent it from the club for a manageable monthly fee. Includes basic cleaning and moving service. Ideal for temporary apartment renters.

Like most rental centers, can do rent-to-own or buy the furniture at any time. Also can keep a certain set of furniture indefinitely.

Example plan: $50/month for two couches, two recliners, a six place kitchen table and chairs.

Business expenses are 20% furniture, 60% moving costs and 20% repair/cleaning.

Bcrosby, Sep 23 2008


       pretty sure some rental places do furniture.
FlyingToaster, Sep 23 2008


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