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Furniture to go

People are moving more than ever, so isn't it about time that our furniture was easy to pack and unpack. I propose a catalog of square home furnishings.
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I got the idea from the Stooges episode in which they were cabinetmakers who inherited a haute couture salon: their first line for the Fall Season featured dresses with drawers..
dogd, Jan 25 2001

packaging = furniture http://www.core77.c...n2000/dex/main.html
The design [marc1919] remembers. [jutta, Jan 25 2001]


       When I'm moving, the biggest problem I have with furniture is not that it isn't square.   

       It's that it's *heavy* and it's *big* and there's *lots of it*.   

       If you want to make the moving experience easier, perhaps we could have inflatable furniture (baked), or folding furniture (baked), or furniture with giant helium balloons above each piece (ridiculous).   

       Maybe we should just start a tradition of selling our furniture to the next occupant, and buying furniture from the previous occupant of our next location. I recently moved into an apartment; the previous owners had a couch exactly like ours, but for some reason they painfully lugged theirs out and we painfully lugged ours in.
egnor, Jan 25 2001

       This used to be a more common before transportation of lots of furniture over great distances was really an option. Estate sales typically included a house and everything in the house, with the exception of heirlooms.   

       Disposable furniture is becoming popular (IKEA, anyone?), but you still have to get it in and out, which always seems to be the most arduous part of moving.
francois, Jan 25 2001

       I saw an idea on a product design site www.core77.com that had a plan for cardboard shipping box that converted into a computer desk. The idea was to recycle the package so that it would be useful after the product was unpacked. This is a perfect dorm room solution, and it sure beats moving particle board furniture that chips just by looking at it. Just remember to use coasters for those drinks.
marc1919, Mar 14 2001


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