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Job Separators

Blank bits of different coloured paper
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Some companies set their printers up so that an extra page containing a user login is printed at the start of each job. The idea being that this extra page makes it easier to find your printer output.

Even so, it is still sometimes difficult to find these job separators --- and it kind of wastes paper.

Job separators should be blank and printed from a separate paper tray, containing different coloured paper. The user login is not printed so that these pages can be fed straight back into the printer.

Jim Chuckles

madness, Jun 29 2006


       As I imagine the average print job is around two pages long, recycling the separator page would result in a 1/3 saving in printer paper. [+]
wagster, Jun 29 2006

       Uh, talk to your system admin. Setting up the separater template to be a blank page from tray X is somewhere below trivial.
Galbinus_Caeli, Jun 29 2006

       Cool --- am a bit worried about damaged pages getting back into the printer. Would you like to hazard a guess as to how many times a piece of paper could be reused (given careful handling)?
madness, Jun 29 2006

       Given careful handing - 100 times. Without - once.
wagster, Jun 29 2006

       Hmm perhaps the separators can have instructions on where to pile up used bits of paper... Cause opening the tray every time is going to be a hassel.
madness, Jun 29 2006

       More for good paper and low humidity.
Galbinus_Caeli, Jun 29 2006

       While we're at it, the separator paper could be a different size, e.g. legal, and have the user name written at the end so you can "tab through" the pile at the printer out-tray.
phundug, Jun 29 2006

       Well, since the mounted stapler either never works or jams to stop the process altogether, this Idea won't work either.
Nice try, though!  +
reensure, Jun 29 2006

       Well, I think it would be rather annoying to get a blank colored paper between everything... but then again, I got a blank white piece of paper between every single sheet of paper that was printed at my old place of work. Colored paper would at least spice up the mix a bit.
ye_river_xiv, Jun 29 2006


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