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Laser Burner Printer

Whether the attraction is the primordial wish to control fire, or the wish not to buy $80 ink cartridges for a $15 printer, we all want one. But how ?
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The LBP proferred is a single-page printer with 3 basic "hooks" that make it work:

a) printing process : the laser printhead operates in a plotter fashion, hovering over the paper resting on a platter in a closed chamber. Continuously controllable strength and focus allows it to smoothly create variable-width points and lines, and it has a unique "picture" mode that uses varying pixel sizes and shades.

b) an air jet, mounted on the head, cools the printing site (preventing thermal bleeding), keeps wisps of smoke from the beam path, and blows away any incidental larger particulates on the paper (preventing potential smudging). Air in the print chamber is recycled through a washable filter that also removes the smell of burning paper when the chamber is opened.

c) a small pressure-swing adsorption module removes oxygen from the print chamber. Printing won't start, otherwise.

It's not fast, and only does sepiascale, but it works just fine.

FlyingToaster, May 18 2015

prior art Scorching_20laser_20printer
[FlyingToaster, May 18 2015]


       Easily bakable: Literally any cheap laser cutter/etcher + literally any vacuum pump or oxygen concentrator = exactly this. [+]   

       (A PSA-based oxygen concentrator is really a nitrogen concentrator. Just hook up the nitrogen output to the laser chamber and vent the oxygen+trace gases output to the atmosphere.)
notexactly, May 31 2015


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