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Print tiny – Save paper
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It is required to print certain documents and have them in hard copies. The micro-printers will have the capability to print up to 20-50 pages on one side of a regular letter or A4 paper using high resolution. To read what is printed, use a pair of powerful reading glasses made for this purpose. This technique works only for documents that already have a soft-copy on a computer. The first places to access a document will be the soft copy on a computer. For all audit and regulatory purposes, a hard copy will be maintained on a microprint copy. This copy can have a approval and acceptance signatures on a page that is attached in normal print.
concept, Jun 08 2003


       <estimates conservatively> 15,000 dpi?
Shz, Jun 08 2003

       it is sometimes only necessary to keep stuff for the auditor, who looks at it once, signs it as correct and then it eventually gets shredded. at first glance - this seems a very useful concept. might keep filing to a minimum which is a plus too. +1   

       welcome to the hb. that phrase always makes me laugh for some reason or p'raps two reasons <g>
po, Jun 08 2003

       Why print on 8.5"x11" paper? Why not on a 0.5"-1" paper or plastic ribbon?
supercat, Jun 08 2003

       //welcome to the hb. that phrase always makes me laugh// I don't get it?!
silverstormer, Jun 09 2003

       Baked. I've been doing a similar thing for years.
zigness, Feb 15 2004

       <problem apparent> um, i hate to be the jackass who screws this up for you, but even if you ^could^ print that high quality, ordinary printer paper isn't uniform enough to support this kind of detail.</problem apparent>
neo_, Nov 24 2009

       hmm(ph)... seems if you gave everybody in the office microfiche readers you could save a few forests here and there.
FlyingToaster, Nov 24 2009


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