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Jobs 'R' Us

Buy sell or trade anything jobs
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I want to open a business that finds employees for companies in need. Not like Labor Ready though the two might seem similar. In my store there are 3 main departments.

1. Purchasing - An employee goes to local companies and convinces them to pay us to screen/train employees for them. Then they can fire their entire HR dept. saving them 10's of thousands a year. 2. Advertising - A team advertises via radio or TV that we have jobs for sale. And gets people walking through the door. 3. Resume receiving - Staff members meet with and screen potential hirees and help them get the necessary tools and training and then send them off to local companies in need of such employee.

So basically one could walk into my store and pay me for a job. They would buy whatever job they want whether or not they are qualified. College recruiters would be on hand to get them the training they need to acquire this job. We would get paid by the recruiters as well. Then we would set up the employees with cell phones and work boots/clothes etc. After the employee has successfully completed a few months at work he/she must begin paying back whatever amount we loaned him for tools/training and the sticker price for the job he purchased.

Brian the Painter, Jan 03 2013


       Clarificatory question: is this a bi-directional HR service, where you (a) provide outsourced HR services to employers (for a fee) and (b) provide CV/resume-screening, training and job placement services to employees (for a fee)?
calum, Jan 03 2013

       That's the beauty of it I make money on both. And recruit for Colleges too.
Brian the Painter, Jan 03 2013

       Oh, I see the beauty of this idea is that as an entity facing prospective employees, you can pretty much guarantee them employment with one of your dupe corporate clients, irrespective of the ability of the prospective employee and, as HR service provider to the dupe corporate client, you can rack up molto fees by having to process a massive number of grievance claims and dismissal processes, hollowing out the client a little each day, until they crumble and the JRU juggernaut rolls on to the next host enterprise.   

       On a separate note (and assuming that you are US-based), how does college recruitment work in the States?
calum, Jan 03 2013

       It's a fairly common model employed by large offshore resourcing firms who pluck the best and brightest from academia and farm them out to western organisations.   

       Employing their services does mean you can save cash on HR and recruitment - although you do instead have to spend lots more on corporate lawyers to draw up and pour over complicated liability clauses and service delivery contracts.   

       In one particularly expensive case, after a series of delivery deadlines were missed, the HR supplier was finally held liable for all costs (building, staff, electricity, everything) until completion of the contracted job (at the cost of a few hundred million) You'll need to hire a few lawyers yourself.
zen_tom, Jan 03 2013

       //spend lots more on corporate lawyers //
I cannot think of a circumstance where this would not be a good idea.

       To be honest, the difficulty in obtaining true accountability with such an outsourced service means that any large corporate who would want to employ a bidirectional HR outsourcing arrangement would manage the inherent conflict of interest risk by squeezing so hard on price that it wouldn't be worth ya while.
calum, Jan 03 2013

       Some obvious holes that have been already pointed out in your idea, but the intent behind it is very kind so a semi-bun. (Which is really none in a nice way, sorry.)
blissmiss, Jan 03 2013

       As an aside, and drifting away from the specifics of the idea itself, the savings you make for shaving 2-3 FTEs from your headcount are appreciable. If you shave off 2-3 HR lads and replace them with a fixed cost outsourcing you are likely to make your business more profitable, not only through the net decrease in direct spend, but also in terms of the generalised costs in the business (for example, you don't need an office with space for 15 desks, you need one that is 10-20% smaller, or, as HR staff are preponderously female, you don't have the temping inefficiencies in covering maternity leave). For an idea of per capita staff costs: in the professional services sector, the general rule is that a fee earning employee must bring in 3.5 times their salary in order for their existence to be financially justified. Outsourcing HR function does make bottom line economic sense, but might be a bit of a mare generally.
calum, Jan 03 2013

       //but might be a bit of a mare// - high quality legal advice.
hippo, Jan 03 2013

       That'll be six guineas, thank you.
calum, Jan 03 2013

       So, this is a contract shop that requires you to pay for membership as a contract employee? Nah, not going to fly. The brighter employees will move on to more cost-efficient means of finding employment, and the not-so-bright ones are usually too broke.
RayfordSteele, Jan 03 2013

       Calum I'm not US based. Nobody I know has ever been sued. We don't do that where I'm from. Ever. Also this idea helps employed people find better employment, with out taking too much time off work to do so. Also, to the corporations that use our service, we offer a money back guarantee. The largest Grocery store in our city (one of five large ones) hires 350 people per year. They can't screen potential candidates very well so this service will assist them greatly, thus justifying the cost. Also some people might not know exactly what they are good at, and they also may not know what jobs are available in our area. Helping these folks with that issue, justifies the cost to them. My employees would work their buns off to create a more efficient job placement program than the one currently in place. I think this is a good idea, but I realize that if it was, then it would have been baked a long time ago. Nothing like it exists in my area, but if it did, I would buy into it. Oh yeah, we have allot of private run trades Colleges here so I am pretty sure I could get some form of financial recognition for sending clients their way. (maybe not though)
Brian the Painter, Jan 04 2013

       RayfordSteel, wow! what made you think I was going to milk these people out of thier hard earned cash on an ongoing basis? Nah, just a one time fee which is based on a cost plus 30% price structure. Not like the Unions I've heard about that take 5% of your wage. We don't have that here either.
Brian the Painter, Jan 04 2013

       No bashing Unions here. I'm surprised You like them but only because they are defunct around here. I don't personally know anyone who subscribes to one. Of course none of us pay (full price)for medical and we have almost guaranteed Employment Insurance. So unions would be kinda silly for us. Actually getting jobs is easy here too, I just thought it would be cool if you could go to one place to look for jobs, after all people like to shop.
Brian the Painter, Jan 04 2013


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