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LIFE Job-Switch

Have people able to switch jobs and salaries like in the "Game of Life" board game
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The U.S. government should hold a citizen name drawing every month or so. The name drawn would then be granted the ability to switch job title and salary with any other individual in the country, similar to what happens occasionally in the "Game of Life" board game. This would keep life for some more interesting and ensure a healthy turnaround of some of the more lucrative and high-profile positions in this country.

Of course, the long-term job security in the new jobs would depend on the individual's talent in the position they decided to switch to.

smizzou, Jul 05 2001


       "Hey, you're not Dr. DeBakey."
Monkfish, Jul 05 2001

       But I don't want to be Minister for Agriculture .. I wrote on the form Mafia Boss, Rock Star or Porn Film Director.
benfrost, Jul 06 2001

       Yippee! I always wanted to pilot a jet.
Dog Ed, Jul 06 2001

       'And the winner is...George W. Bush, 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW Washington, DC 20500'
angel, Jul 06 2001

       Why does it come as no surprise benfrost wants to be a porn film director?
Seems to be a WIBNI proposition.
thumbwax, Jul 06 2001

       smizzou - i find the idea intriguing. However such an idea will be met with resistance from those whose lives still revolve around Fear. This is as opposed to Love. The definition of Love in this case is anything that embraces change. Embracing inspiration.   

       Fear on the other hand, is far more likely to be the need to avoid risks.   

       And with society... i.e. everyone with a lug of excess baggage on them... the last thing they want to do is to consider their lives to be one lottery/russian roulette.   

       Can this idea of swapping be done much like the consentual 'Swingers' lifestyle?
jaeson, Jul 06 2001

       Roulette leads to Love ?
lubbit, Jul 06 2001

       Interesting idea, Jaeson, maybe a world where a certain, underground group of individuals go out to clubs and exchange jobs rather than phone numbers. Or we could incorporate Mephista's idea a bit, too, and have people switching identities completely every few weekends or so. Some segment of society could meet up at clubs, party a bit, hook up with people they like, and switch social security numbers, driver's licenses, addresses, and all other ID--by consent, of course. There will be no identitiy rape.
smizzou, Jul 06 2001

       It sounds like a great idea, but how are you going to get someone with a prestigious, high-paying job to swap with someone else? What if a janitor wants to trade with an investment banker? Where are you going to find an executive who will trade his pinstriped suit, silke tie, wingtips and corner office for a uniform and work boots? Will the government force someone though your lottery?   

       I can just see the lucky janitor accompanied by the police, arriving at the office of some Wall Street businessman, chosen at random in your "lottery". The janitor hands over his jumpsuit, mop and bucket with a big grin, while the executive fights to hold on to his pinstriped suit and briefcase with one hand, and his dress socks and cufflinks with the other. And on a janitor's salary, the executive would have to swap his BMW for the janitor's pickup.   

       Sounds like a nice idea for the "winner", but not for the guy on the other end!
jimme, Jan 14 2003

       Benfrost-with my luck I would be the janitor that has to clean up after the porn movie.Yuck!!!
jerry4703, Jan 14 2003


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