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Job Swap Site

When you and another person have mutual envy for one another's job, you swap.
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If you're falling back on graphic design because you can't find an accounting position open, there's bound to be someone out there who's falling back on their accounting position because they can't find an opening for grahic design.

I propose a website that allows people to post their current position, salary, requirements, etc., followed by what job they would prefer (and have the credentials for). If a match is made, the involved parties are put in contact with one another to further investigate. Better still if were a triangle: a graphic designer wants to be an accountant, and accountant want to be an architect, and an architect who wants to be a graphic designer.

Of course, the coordination of this would be a monumental task once you get the bosses involved and have to get their individual OK's. But still...

The rationale is that people often get more involved with their work when they like their job, thus will do better work and achieve more job satisfaction. The generally happier disposition of the work force would trickle down into other aspects of their lives and gradually raise their quality of life overall.

(added later)

I went back and checked, and there is now a jobswap.com, but it only caters to California and doesn't involve career changes, just relocation. But it's a start.

the27man, Aug 12 2004

Job Time Share http://www.halfbake.../Job_20Time_20Share
[sartep, Oct 17 2004]


       Okay, I'll start: convinience store employee wishes to swap with mafia hitman.   

       Love it.
ooys, Aug 12 2004

       I wondered about this once before and I came to the conclusion employers don't hire the professional because he/she would require higher pay. I drew a clown for a poster for $25.00 for a small co. because my neighbor the graphic artist would have charged $500.00
dentworth, Aug 12 2004

       Quality Assurance Engineer seeks Master Brewer to complete important project. I am qualified at the journeyman level, expect same from you.
normzone, Aug 13 2004

       {resists temptation to even mention hookers}
Machiavelli, Aug 13 2004

       {and porn stars}
kevindimie, Aug 15 2004

       I want Michael Moore's job. Only I don't have a job to swap :(
Pericles, Aug 15 2004

       [Pericles] Michael Moore's job is to devise a premise or concept which he thinks would make an interesting film which will return its costs plus a small incentive to his backers. If you know how to shoot and structure a film, don't you think you could do the rest? You may not be aiming high enough.
jurist, Aug 16 2004

       The jobs market is not static and some jobs will be more sought after than others. Currently, for example, the number of lawyers churned out by the lawschools equals the number of positions available in the profession. However, the number of librarians produced by the universities is far greater than the number of librarian positions available. This would probably lead to job dealing - a contract of employment becomes a tradeable asset (subject to consent) and, as it won't always be the case that the best person will be the wealthiest, there may be some harm to the effectiveness of organisations in sectors with a workforce surplus.
calum, Aug 16 2004

       Halfbaker willing to trade position with mental patient.
ldischler, Aug 16 2004

       I think about this every time I fight my way into the city on a Friday afternoon. There are hundreds of thousands of people trying to get _into_ the city, and even more trying to get _out_. I can only assume that there are roughly the same number of people who live in the city and work in the 'burbs as there are people who live in the burbs and commute to the city. Stop the insanity! These people should all trade so they don't have to wast 1/4 or their lives in cars!
sycorob24, Aug 16 2004

       Interesting idea, 27. (WTAGIPBAN)
krelnik, Aug 16 2004

       Dibs on Hugh Hefner's job!!!! Ah... damn.. beaten to the line by [RTiger], [Mach] AND [KDimie]. Waitaminit... lumberjacks?
lcllam2, Aug 16 2004

       //Maybe he'd trade you his job for your lovely Mexican abode//   

       I really doubt it [bwv], thought it would be nice. Who needs a home when I could travel around the world with all the money I'd be making if I were in Michael Moore's shoes?   

       //You may not be aiming high enough//   

       It's sad to acknowledge that you might be right. Being unemployed for a while leaves me hoping for a job, just ANY job, which is really bad. Move down here (México) and you see what it's like to jobhunt.
Pericles, Aug 16 2004

       And as ye would that others should do to you, do ye also to them likewise ... but pay yourself first.
dpsyplc, Aug 16 2004

       [Pericles] The point I was trying to get across is that perhaps you should stop hunting for a job, and instead consider starting your own business. For most people, it's the only way to ever become truly wealthy, and it comes with the guarantee that you'll never be fired. Of course there are risks, but you seem to be talented, well-educated, personable and resourceful. I'll bet you can readily figure out how to minimize those risks and maximize your opportunities, even in Mexico.
jurist, Aug 17 2004

       + from me. Checked out "Job Time Share" (JTS) idea, but I like this one better. The JTS idea involves a two-week commitment; this seems more fluid, and a great way to broaden oneself. Yes, logistics and employer buy-in will be tricky, but a more broadly-thinking workforce is a more valuable one, right? At least in theory....
danielo l'orange, Aug 17 2004

       You are absolutely right [jurist]. Actually, I already have an idea for a business that I want to start, but for that I need money, and to get money one gets to work hard first. After that, I'll forget about bosses and office hours, which is really what I want for my life... not becoming wealthy, really. My problem seems to be (also) that I can't work in something I don't like. I've been sending resumes to advertising agencies and gotten a couple interviews (I have another one next thursday, wish me luck!).
Pericles, Aug 17 2004

       Senior IT exec seeks position as wine buyer for major UK retailer. Would prefer if "xxx's Wine Companion" book deal already in place. Prepared to study to gain MW if necessary, but would like to be sponsored by employer on company time to do so. Will travel.
goff, Aug 18 2004


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