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Jobs for debtors

Debt collectors that find qualified debtors high-paying jobs
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Debt collectors who use carrot as well as stick, by assessing which of the debtors on their list are more talented/qualified than others, and finding them highly-paid work - of course with the proviso that a repayment schedule is part of the contract.

Keeping the arrangement unknown to the new employer might be important, but the debtor would sign an agreement with the debt-collector before being recommended by the debt-collector's recruitment agency for various interviews.

markgriffith, Sep 09 2002


       Or just threaten their knees with a sledge hammer, either works.
dare99, Sep 09 2002

       keep in mind in the US it's helpful to comply with the FDCPA
junkmail, Dec 23 2002

       Or get debtors jobs as debt collectors. Or handing out credit card applications at the mall.
rapid transit, May 22 2003

       If only we could bring back the days of debtors prisons and workhouses. Baked in history if not in the present.
PiledHigherandDeeper, May 22 2003

       Ouch, Unabubba. Debt recovery is the hardest job I've ever done. How the hell did you manage 20 years?
sambwiches, May 22 2003

       I think that all citizens who can't find themselves a job should be assisted by the government in finding one, or paid to educate themselves so they have better prospects. Everyone needs a job to pay for food and housing, much less debt.   

       And $1.5 MILLION @#$%#^! That sounds like the real bad end of the spectrum. Wow, it should just be physically impossible to get that far in debt; that's an amount of money one can retire off of, depending on how much long one has to live.
beland, May 25 2003


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