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Invest salary

Gamble with paycheck
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Instead of, or alongside the investments you make with your savings, your monthly earnings are deposited in an account that speculates on the stock market. You can choose the risk you take. Money is freely available but any amount you leave on the account gets invested in a programme of your choice. All your paycheck is invested at the beginning of the month, your investment decreases as you withdraw more and more as the month goes by.

The drawback is that you might have a bad month if your investment goes wrong. But you can specify what percentage of your paycheck you are willing to loose.

On the plus side you might on average get more money, leave it there and make even more.

zeno, Feb 24 2005

My inspiration Job_20Diversification
[zeno, Feb 24 2005]


       and here I thought your inspiration was privatizing social security.
sophocles, Feb 24 2005

       There's transaction fees, handling fees, etc. That's why you really just want to stick your money somewhere and leave it alone to grow.
Madai, Feb 24 2005

       Sounds like little kids having to invest two years of their time waiting for a big brother/sister to show up at their doorstep and nothing comes of it.
mensmaximus, Feb 25 2005

       I used to work with a chap who raffled his pay packet every week. He always came out on top.
paraffin power, Feb 25 2005

       Sounds like a lot of pensions schemes if you know what I mean!?
mikeyg, Dec 07 2005


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