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Crowd-Fund Projects Based On Other People's Projects
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What if you could come up with an incredible breakthrough, but it would be totally dependent upon other people coming up with one or more breakthroughs? KickstarterPlus – for lack of a better name – would allow you to launch a Kickstarter-style project based on some existing Kickstarter project(s) which haven’t fully reached fruition yet.

You could link or base your Kickstarter project on their Kickstarter project(s), and encourage supporters to fund both your project as well as the project(s) you’re depending upon.

In the existing Kickstarter approach, pledges will only be cashed in if the fund-raising target is reached. With the KickstarterPlus approach, your follow-on project can only cash in the pledges if your own fund-raising target is reached, with the added condition that the preceding Kickstarter project(s) must successfully come to fruition as well.

Another thing about the existing Kickstarter approach is that you can often get a discount on the product by putting in an early pledge. With the KickstarterPlus approach, you could get a discount on the follow-on product by putting in an early pledge on any of the project(s). You might even get a bigger discount by putting in early pledges on all projects.

And of course if the funds raised for your project exceed your target, then you have the discretion to re-allocate funds to the preceding project(s), should they need help reaching their targets.

I called it "KickstarterPlus" just to make it more understandable. The original names I was thinking of were "Techtree" (kind of like researching a tech tree in a RealTimeStrategy videogame), or possibly "E-Bayes" (as in Bayes Theorem).

sanman, Jun 10 2013


       The little difference between "successfully comes to fruition" and "is commercially successful/generally available" might present a problem.
MechE, Jun 10 2013

       So some friends did a kickstarter to fund an early window farming irrigation system. Before their project completed I could propose a project to increase the pump efficiency by developing a system to circulate helium bubbles into the thin water lines to help push the water up through the verticals hoses (pumping helium gas against its lift requires less force than pumping water against gravity.)   

       Why not? [+]
fishboner, Jun 11 2013

       Sounds a bit like:   

       "We could have Bacon and Eggs, if we had some eggs.   

       And if we had some Bacon."   

       Still any funding port in a storm. +
popbottle, Jun 11 2013


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