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A Social Networking Site for Hotel Guests
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For example, if you (as a hotel guest) were bored and lonely one evening, you could log onto Lonely-Travelers.com from your wified laptop, and indicate what specific hotel you are currently in. You could then see who else is in your hotel (i.e. other registrants that logged in).

Registrants’ online profiles will indicate reasons for travel, demographics, and desired type of contact. For example, you may just want to chat online with someone, or share a beer with a fellow businessman at the hotel bar, or have a one night stand, or have a group dinner with other solo travelers.

For more details of this idea, go to: http://tinyurl.com/yh4cgm (from www.SparkBugg.com)

SparkBugg, Dec 01 2006

Couchsurfing http://www.couchsurfing.com
Meet locals for a meal or a coffee [imaginality, Dec 01 2006]


       there's a link button, SB.
po, Dec 01 2006

       I would use this to tell my usual lies... my name is John and I can imitate the sound of any fish, insect or the noise of large stones being emptied off the back of a lorry - WLTM anyone with similar interests +
xenzag, Dec 01 2006

       Couchsurfing is a good site to check out. You can arrange to stay with people for a night or two, or just meet up for a meal and a chat. Admittedly, that's more for travellers to meet locals rather than your idea of travellers meeting other travellers.
imaginality, Dec 01 2006


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