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John Wu Mousing

Eliminate clunky keyboards with software and chording
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The ideas of substituting chording devices for keyboards and of using mulitiple pointing devices concurrently are both well baked, granted. This idea is more of a software implementation than anything.

The operating system would have to be able to support an arbitrary number of independent pointer cursors (likely two, but if you even go there why not build it for 4 or 8?). Each cursor would be bound to a seperate physical pointing device. By using combinations of mouse buttons, one could produce any key combination possible on a standard keyboard, by way of software.

Why? Multiple-button mice are inexpensive and ubiquitous. Keyboards take up a lot of desk space and require some real finger bending or hand repositioning for certain combinations. I like programmable input.

absterge, Jan 19 2005

ThinkGeek http://www.thinkgeek.com
All manner of that notion is sold here. [contracts, Jan 20 2005]


       So if I wanted to type 'hello' I'd have to press   

       1) Middle and thumb button 2) Right and thumb and left button 3) Right and middle button 4) Right and middle button 5) Thumb button 1, thumb button 2 and right button together?!   

       Are you serious?
britboy, Jan 19 2005

       I could see working on a portable device with specialized hardware, but two mice would require at least as much desk space as a compact keyboard. A dual trackball device could be somewhat smaller, and more ergonomic.   

       While I would like to have the option of multiple cursors, I think most of the time coordinating even two cursors would be challenging.
tiromancer, Jan 19 2005

       Coordinating two pointers simultaneously would be easy enough to get used to, I reckon. They would just have to be represented by obviously differentiated cursors.   

       Yes, sadly, I am serious. At least the autobunner is with me.
absterge, Jan 20 2005

       I like clunky keyboards. The clunkier the better, in fact.

I would favour voice recognition over even more mouse clicking though. More clicking = more RSI.
DrBob, Jan 20 2005

       Until I realized that the spelling was different, I thought this would include gratuitous explosions and slow-motion birds.
shapu, Jan 20 2005

       You're proposing multiple pointing devices without describing what happens to the existing software built around a single locus of control - in fact you never mention those multi-pointers again. If all you want is buttons, a multi-button mouse or a regular chording instrument seems the obvious way to get them. What am I missing?
jutta, Feb 08 2005


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