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Keyboard Stamps

Keyboard sized stamps that type entire words, and potentially entire sentences.
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These stamps are the size of keyboards, and have large handles for ease of use. Each letter is sequentially arranged by reduced depth, each offset just enough to allow for one depression to type an entire word maximizing efficiency.
rcarty, May 23 2013

http://lestaret.wor....com/tag/john-bull/ [pocmloc, May 23 2013]

Stamps for a different keyboard http://www.youtube....=_nWzC19Iq_c#t=124s
[mitxela, May 23 2013]

Very similar External_2c_20Repetitive_20Keypresser
[phundug, May 24 2013]


       By the time the last letter (or key) goes down, the first one has been pressed down for a while. Is there a risk of the held-down key repeating or jamming the input, or do you need a hammer mechanism like on a piano, to retract the key after it's been pressed?
phundug, May 24 2013

       Take the pegged cylinder from a music box, flatten it out, and set up so each peg strikes a metal finger, pushing straight down on the plunger which presses the key. Then, the finger passes the peg (ping!) and another one can play its key.   

       You'd need several plates, and the handle would have a long distance of travel (number of keypresses * keystroke length) but you'd gain the ability to use a single key multiple times, for which your vowels will thank you.
lurch, May 24 2013


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