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Waggle, Point and click.
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I am a lounger - I like to sit back and relax. With a massage if at all possible. I also like to spend my time surfing the internet, reading interesting ideas, brushing up on my history, and generally learning new things.

Unfortunately, it's quite tricky to successfully lounge - and - surf at the same time - at the very least, you need a table upon which you can rest your mouse.

Yes, I'm aware that I can drag my mouse over my bed-clothes, carpet, chest etc. - but for some reason, it just doesn't 'feel' right.

What I want is to be able to lounge about in any position, and be able to surf about with but the merest wave of the hand.

Enter the iWand - a combination of inertial control, laser pointer and light-pen. The inertial control might allow me to indicate a desire to scroll up or down in my chosen browser, while the laser-pointer/light-pen combination should allow me to 'click' those links (using a side-mounted 'clicky' pressure control) I'm interested in.

Usage of the iWand would be a similar(ish) experience to conducting an orchestra. Imagine being able to sit back in your lounger, Pimms in one hand, iWand in the other - what more could anyone ask for?

Illustration to follow, just as soon as I figure out that new Google 3D thingamy.

zen_tom, Aug 16 2006

Wii controller. http://wii.nintendo.com/controller.html
Other than the fact that the console appears to be named after a body fluid, the controller system does appear to be very nifty. [Jinbish, Aug 16 2006]

Light Guns http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Light_gun
Describes the operation of the 'pointy' aspect of the devices - notice the section dealing with technologies capable of dealing with non CRT (back projection, LCD, plasma etc) displays. [zen_tom, Aug 16 2006]

Tunny Mouse Pad Tummy_20Mouse_20Pad
Not at all the same, really, just an alternative. [jellydoughnut, Aug 16 2006]

The Magic Wand Remote Control http://www.firebox....Wand-Remote-Control
[Dub, Dec 06 2010]


       Yes [Jinbish] I was thinking about the Wii controller with regards to the inertial/spatially aware thing - as yes, they do look quite nifty indeed.   

       What's missing from them though (as far as I know) is the ability to 'aim' it at something specific on the screen, as you would with a light-pen; sometimes packaged as light-guns, 'Super-Scopes' or similar.
Devices that work on detecting the position and timing of the raster (the current position of the electron beam as it traces across an old-style CRT screen) - this might pose problems with regards to how it would work on multiple screen technologies (I don't know if an LCD screen has something equivalent to a raster) but alternate systems exist that work across display platforms.
zen_tom, Aug 16 2006

       It's also missing a wireless "Can-I-have-a-cup-of-tea?" button that transmits a signal of the eponymous request to your nearest and dearest to save you having to get up...
Jinbish, Aug 16 2006

       One of those tinkly little bells could be mounted in the end of the device - or even sold separately as an auxiliary unit.
zen_tom, Aug 16 2006

       iWand a cup of tea...
Jinbish, Aug 16 2006

       Where do you keep the keyboard?
Galbinus_Caeli, Aug 16 2006

       Good idea, reminds me of one of my own (link).
jellydoughnut, Aug 16 2006

       ...and me of Mouse Thimble.   

       iWant one, too
Dub, Aug 19 2006

       <points wand>   


       The Wii controller can point to specific points on screen just like a light gun. This feature is used mainly for first person shooters. Opera web browser will be avaliable for Wii the day the console comes out. And, it will be FREE for download until July 2007. For only $250 I recommend you pick up the console. Even if you never buy a game for it!
billybob5982, Oct 03 2006

       Nice link [Dub]! I opened it at work, and it sparked a conversation about the Dragon's Den programme that featured the same product. I didn't see the programme, but by the sounds of it, the idea was very well accepted by the "Dragons" - I wonder if the inventors read the Halfbakery(!). Right now I'm trying to decide who I can buy it for at Christmas so I get to have a go myself.
zen_tom, Dec 06 2010


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