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Cycles on Sidewalks Association
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According to the Web, Canberra, Australia's Commonwealth Territory city is the only one in the world that has legislated to permit cycles on sidewalks.

Yet everybody's doing it, parents even urging their children to ignore the law - as the cops do here, and overseas, I'm told.

So I'll have to fall back on the old form-an-association trick to avoid my tyres being taken to bits by Steve DeGroof's circling keas crying "Baked".

So I hereby urge the formation of COSA : the Cycles on Sidewalks Association.

By increasing the popularity of bicycles COSA will Save the World from Pollution. Well ... every little bit helps dunnin' it?

rayfo, Jul 01 2001

Critical Mass http://www.criticalmass.org.au/
A cyclists-on-streets organization [wiml, Jul 01 2001, last modified Oct 21 2004]


       Here, here! And POSA: Pedestrians on Streets Alliance.
The Military, Jul 01 2001

       Sidewalks, streets... I don't care, just pick one and stay on it. I'm tired of nearly getting mowed down everytime I step into a crosswalk by some delivery boy who's decided the traffic's too heavy today or the stoplights don't apply to him.
bookworm, Jul 01 2001

       From a member of the ILETA (I Like Exploding Things Association), I give you a thumbs up. Er, a croissant that is.
AfroAssault, Jul 01 2001

       No! Keep cyclists off the footpaths! Very common in UK is the 'cycle lane', between the footpath/sidewalk and the road, specifically for cyclists. My home town has a huge network of them which cost thousands of pounds to construct, with light-controlled crossings over the main roads. They are virtually unused as most cyclists use either the roadway or the footpaths, and are generally a menace on both.
angel, Jul 02 2001

       Go it one step...er, wheel better... eliminate those greedy "bi"cycles, using all that rubber and metal just for one more wheel. Convert everyone to unicycles. Better for the environment and a lot more fun to watch fat old women try to stay balanced on one than it is to watch them trundling along where you're trying to walk.
pescedioro, Oct 22 2001


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