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Karma Insurance

Protect your investments of time and money from the whims of the universe!
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How many times have you bought an item with a 90 day warranty only to have it break on the 91st day?

Ever take time off work for a picnic only to have it rained out?

Take two hours to wash your car and have it rain?

I know it doesn't really ALWAYS happen that way, but it seems that way because you remember the times your luck went sour, and don't remember those times the universe cooperated, because things went smoothly.

I propose a small insurance policy you can take out against these minor acts of bad luck. Would be relatively cheap, but pay out covering the time and or money you are out in those cases where the universe seems against you.

WanderingKnight, Nov 08 2003


       Murphy's loophole.   

       But isn't true karma something coming back at you threefold for something that you did sometime in your life? So if an outside force (karma insurance) paid me off for something that I had coming to me, wouldn't I just keep getting the bad luck over and over and over for all eternity?
lintkeeper2, Nov 08 2003

       Keep a secret stash of sweets and delights for those particular un-lucky occations, then you have your insurance right there !
sirau, Jan 15 2004

       Wouldn’t you want the Karma policy to carry over into your next life, where you might really need it? The next life where, in punishment for your decadent lifestyle, you’ve been reincarnated blind and deformed, into hideous third world poverty, ironically unable to recall paying for the policy in the first place? But not to worry, because amnesia of your previous incarnation would also be covered. See, friends, turn to page 338, part D-5, subsection XVII, it’s all there in plain English.
pluterday, Jan 15 2004

       Would karma insurance protect you if bad luck occurs just after your karma insurance expires?
phundug, Jan 15 2004

       What does this have to do with Karma?... how can you question the universe anyway if it has wronged you? How could you quantify "the universe is against me" claims?... if I spilt Coffee on me, then sued McDonalds for billions... would that count as good Karma or bad?... Don't the Buddhists teach that you are truely enlightened when you are ready to foget material things? - at least your buissness would ensure there is a next life here?...   

       I'm gonna + it... in the hope it brings you happiness and that makes it back to me... and if it doesn't I'll be able to call and make a claim?
Ossalisc, Jan 15 2004


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