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Dribble glasses and evil fortune cookies?
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How about a restaurant where everything is set up for jokes?

For instance, if you ordered soup, it would invariably have a fly in it, so you could say, "Waiter, there's a fly in my soup!" (hopefully, there are more food-related jokes out there...) Or waiters could be hired solely for their personal attributes for the crueler patrons to make fun of (e.g. big ears, huge butt, etc.). Bathrooms would be set up with whoopee cushions in the toilet seats, faucets that spray you in the crotch when you go to wash your hands, and a neon sign that lights up when you exit, stating 'DID NOT WASH HANDS', even though you did.

lewarcher, Sep 04 2001


       Only if I can tip the waiter with play money...
Lucky_Setzer, Jan 21 2002

       Waiter! There's soup in my flies!
calum, Jan 21 2002

       How is it this idea sat idle for so long? Or have all the previous annotators disappeared?   

       In any case, I like it. Needs dribble glasses, squirting flowers, rubber/wax food and straws that leak. The after dinner mint turns your teeth green.
phoenix, Jan 21 2002

       This restaurant exists in Vancouver BC ... kind of. The waiters make a big game of insulting you. It's what people go there for. What the hell was that place called. Anyway, they really should add dribble glasses and flies in soup ... give them more to joke about. It's a gay place. I forget the name. summer
summer, Jan 22 2002

       summer, I think you were thinking of Ed Debevick's? They have one in Chicago.
RayfordSteele, Jan 25 2002

       Call it a "GAG-ateria" and no one will sue for deceptive advertising. Note that I stayed away from the Roman GAG-atorium (sic) references.
Prof Manitou, Apr 14 2003

       Must have missed this one, have a rubber croissant.   

       The menu would leave black marks on your hands.
phundug, Apr 15 2003

       Drinks leave your tongue blue?
rahulb, Apr 15 2003

       [summer] the place is called The Elbow Room, and, as with anything trendy and fun, it has seen better days. They had to move to a new location and the staff still try, but it's not the place it once was. Regulars don't go there anymore, if I may paraphrase Yogi, but newbies will probably enjoy the novelty. " You want a refill of your coffee? What, are your legs broken? Get it your damn elf" the staff might be heard to say.   

       [lewarcher] - if you are still here - might there be a discount if you can tell a joke that makes your waiter laugh? Will the doggie bags have real (little) doggies in them? If you pay with a credit card will they bring it back all shredded, just for laughs? I could go on, but I won't.
Canuck, Apr 16 2003

       + Food?....we don't sell food, this is a joke shop.
xandram, Jul 12 2006

       there was a place outside the Hamptons (US) where they had a picture of Adam in the ladies' room and Eve in the men's. Each had flip-up fig leaves covering the naughty bits. If you tried to check under the leaf an alarm would go off throughout the bar, and everyone would jeer at you when you went back to your table. Don't know if it's still there.
pigtails_and_ponies, Jul 12 2006


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