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I'll Do The Math, Don't Make Me Eat

Why does Johny get the crayons?
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So you're tired of the hostess glancing behind you when you ask for the crayons with no kid in tow -- I know I am. And making conversation while that food arrives can be so tiresome.

Help has arrived. Our new line of new line of Puzzles, Mazes, and Scribble Books for Adults will be available in your favorite restaurant chain.

theircompetitor, Apr 04 2005


       or bring your own pen (sheesh!)
zen_tom, Apr 04 2005

       if a half decent half-baked idea occurred during the meal and you sketched it out on the table cloth, you'd get some funny looks pocketing it on the way out.
po, Apr 04 2005

       Heh. I usually bring my own, seeing that I get funny looks and my 7 year old brother then nicks my crayons.   

       You should get the paper and do the puzzles there, they usually give me my terrible brainwaves, plus you won't have anyone giving you 'the look' if you ask for the paper (in my experience, loads of restuarants let you have the paper). These days, they have really big margins, great for writing the next bestseller/bun-bringing idea for the moment...
froglet, Apr 04 2005

       Not a bad idea. I'm always stealing envious glances at the kids around the restaurant having fun with their little puzzles and mazes. Not that I'm incapable of having a conversation with the people I go out with, but I like to have something to do with my hands sometimes.
Machiavelli, Apr 04 2005

       My daughter has always brought her sketchbook with her to restaurants. We sometimes engage in line-by-line "what am I drawing?" games.
bristolz, Apr 04 2005

       [bristolz] - Sounds similar to an idea I had in Jr. High with some friends, we called it "add on" (then in High School, the maturely named "retard comics") that would start out with someone drawing a curved/straight line, or a shape. By the end of the picture, we usually had something that easily would have gotten us in trouble, but I'll be damned if it wasn't too much fun.
AfroAssault, Apr 05 2005

       My favorite brother, had his entire bathroom wallpapered with end rolls of newspaper, that he would go and get for free.   

       The object was to sit and be as creative as time allowed.
blissmiss, Apr 05 2005

       I get in trouble if I do puzzles while I'm supposed to be having polite conversation with people over dinner. I'm not very good at small talk and polite conversation.
Detly, Apr 05 2005

       I keep reading the E in Eat as an F - which gives me a great idea for teaching calculus to girls suffering from eating disorders.
zen_tom, Apr 05 2005

       <math instructor>"Now, if you add up an infinite amount of tiny points around your waistline, you'll get your circumference."
<heavy gal>"I resent that!"
RayfordSteele, Apr 05 2005


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