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modular robotic capsule hotel

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Capsule hotels exist, just google it.

Anyway the idea is that instead of having the cleaner walk to each capsule to clean it in a large building, you have a robotic system move around to extract and move the pods to a bottom level maintenance area. This wont reduce the need to clean the floor of the building (but that can be fixed by a floor cleaning bot on each floor), but it allows for the cleaners to pop off the cover of each capsule to clean it easily.

Where this would be awesome? NYC, where space is always a premium, and there is a lot of people coming in and out.


A cheaper version of this idea is that there is a maintenance room on each level, where cleaners would manually use fork lifts to extract capsules to clean (That too can be robotized). The extracted capsule can then be sent down via elevator to the bottom maintenance level, or a maintenance room on the same level) (On further thoughts, this is probably more practical, because any 'failure' in a robotic arm on the above concept will paralyses the entire hotel, while this would only mess up a level at least)

mofosyne, Jul 14 2013

Data tape deck robots http://www.extremet...s/2012/08/robot.jpg
Could move like this? [mofosyne, Jul 14 2013]

Underground bicycle parking, Japan http://www.youtube....watch?v=pcZSU40RBrg
Kind of like this? [jutta, Jul 16 2013]

Sortable_20Hotel [calum, Jul 16 2013]


       //Where this would be awesome? NYC, where space is always a premium//   

       In short, nope. In order for the existing system to work, the hallways need to be wide enough for a single cart. For your system to work, they need to be wide enough for an entire capsule. Net result, a much larger footprint.
MechE, Jul 14 2013

       The capsules could be stacked like in Connect 4. Then the bottom one in the basement could be cleaned, and then pulled out longwise a whole row at a time and shot up the side to be re-inserted at the top. You only need one upwards-chute since they will go up much faster than they come down.
pocmloc, Jul 14 2013

       Well, if you go to the bother to make them movable like this, you might as well save even more space by eliminating the hallways. When you climb in, set your alarm clock for when you want to wake up and your door will open at the appropriate time. Have an option for the alarm to go off a couple minutes before the door opens for those that like to snooze. If you decide that you need to get out early, you may have to wait a couple minutes.   

       The Connect 4 arrangement if fine, but lay it on its side so you don't have to deal with moving the pods vertically, just have nice quiet rollers/rails, to slide them around on each floor as needed. Have loading for each layer on different sides of the sleeping area so you no longer have top/bottom pods. The pod can be set at the most comfortable height (maybe a couple feet above the loading platform). Since the pods are only open for a short time anyway, you can have the whole side open up so getting in is like getting onto a bed. In case of emergency or loss of power (and backup power), all hatches open so residents can crawl through many pods to get out.
scad mientist, Jul 15 2013

       [Scad] You ever tried to sleep in a moving train or airplane, even with a comfortable bed?   

       There's also the problem of ventilation, which each capsule requires.
MechE, Jul 15 2013

       Err, where do the robots get to sleep?
not_morrison_rm, Jul 15 2013

       Ventilation, electrical power, smooth ride, arranging capsules so they are stationary for 99% of the night: those are all just eningeering challenges. I'm pretty sure there would be no way to design a hotel with movable capsules either as described in the original idea or my suggestions that would actually be cost effective. Space isn't THAT valuable. But this is the halfbakery...
scad mientist, Jul 15 2013

       Start with a dog or cat kennel of similar design. Work out your robotics with clients who can't complain.   

       Just one human tenant who oversleeps could squash the project, if he gets "cleaned".
popbottle, Jul 15 2013

       This makes no sense. Why move the capsules, when it is far easier to move the cleaners? You want to recreate capsules into land-sea type containers that have some type of free form water /electric /sanitation /airflow /entry&exit connect/disconnect systems just so you can get the top off to clean the pod? Why don't you just have a robot run down the hallway you already need for human access with a steam cleaner/vacuum and a new set of sheets? My system at least has the option for a "do-not-disturb" switch that would at least limit the carnage and that could be further limited by thermal sensors looking for body heat before commencing cleaning. I mean seriously, what are you worried is in these pods that you need to disassemble them to clean them between uses? I'm pretty sure I could clean out a murder scene from the inside of a fiberglass pod pretty quickly with a steam cleaner/pressure washer and a vacuum, even if the guy was in there a couple weeks without being noticed. Though I guess I'd toss the mattress. Sorry (-).
MisterQED, Jul 16 2013


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