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Josh Billings Translator

Translate the unreadable dialect of unsung humorist Josh Billings
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Josh Billings is very funny but almost as unreadable as a King James Bible.

Using AI language models, translate his fundamentally irksome dialect into standard English.

This would enable it to be further translated into foreign languages and we'd make a killing in the humor market, what with the sales and film and TV rights.

This could be a goldmine of humorous ideas, instead of a headache behind your left eyeball:

I dont believe as a man should be ashamed ov miaking money; under Constitution yu have a right tew make it in any way yu kan. Ov coze i admit there are ways that are richer than others, concerning this there is komplinks.

Never try tew set a kat on its tail, kant be done by forcin. It must be kindled into that position by high blass.

Honour, as a kapital, is no longer considered a fixture, wherfore i am willing to take a small premium if bi so doing i can rescue any remains ov mi kapital frum confiscotion.

borsumikko, Nov 12 2020


       Thanks borusm, I'd never hear of Josh Billings before today. I'm finding the dialect easier to understand if I imagine Jon Turturro speaking it in the voice of his character Pete from "Oh Brother! Where art thou." not sure if that helps, but it seems to work for me.
zen_tom, Nov 12 2020

       So a, time defined, misunderstood genius.
wjt, Nov 15 2020


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