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Jukebox Fruit-Machine

flashy lights and music
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Very simple - combine a fruit machine (the one-armed-bandit with lots of flashing lights) with a jukebox.

Get it wrong, it plays a shit tune and takes your money. Get it right and if plays a great tune and gives you lots of money.

Why take two machines into the pub when one will do ?

bumhat, Dec 18 2007


       [jscott] contradicts self with amazing clarity and ease with points 2 and 3. And they say the art of debate is dead.
globaltourniquet, Dec 19 2007

       I think this is excellent... and of course it will promote anarchy and chaos - is that not a good thing here? (+)
xenzag, Dec 19 2007

       Since both Jukeboxes and Fruit Machines are anathema to all true pub afficionados, a grudging [+] because it will reduce the number of noise sources to one, though far better if it were banished outside the premises altogether, along with the sad crowds of nicotine-addicted tobacco-suckers.
8th of 7, Dec 19 2007

       Fruit machines should have headphone sockets - if you want to listen to the anoying noise, great - plug your headhones in.
hippo, Dec 19 2007

       "plug in your headphones" (pesky, preposition, positioning, pedant)
sp annoying
xenzag, Dec 19 2007

       //problems 1. Everyone in the establishment would have to deal with the bad songs which would need to be the majority to keep the place in business//   

       This is already a problem, isn't it? Solution currently is "put your own coins in if you don't like the song". With this solution the next song might be better, might not be, but you don't have to listen to $20.00 worth of Michael Bolton to get to something better.
Noexit, Dec 19 2007

       time once again to play identify the source:   

       "I'll be honest with you, I love his music, I do, I'm a Michael Bolton fan. For my money, I don't know if it gets any better than when he sings "When a Man Loves a Woman"."
globaltourniquet, Dec 20 2007

       //Lots of bad music would make the place unpopular//   

       Doesen't seem to be the case here in the UK. The music on the jukebox always seems to be crap but people still go....   

       I had an idea last night of auctioning the next song slot to the highest bidder via bluetooth or text auctions with a max bid amount like ebay.
webfishrune, Dec 20 2007

       I think that it should still have the functionality of a normal jukebox in addition to the slot machine thing- then it will pick the least selected song on the whole jukebox automatically when you lose. But, you'd still be able to select a song normally if you didn't want to gamble!
Dickcheney6, Sep 08 2008


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