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Jumpin' Jump Drives, Batman!

Shamelessly ripped from another recent idea...
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Ever lost a jump drive? Well I haven't, but apparently there are some folks who lose them regularly! This idea is for them.

This looks nothing like a standard folding jump drive (see link). Instead of folding like a jack knife, the USB port folds over flat-ways. It is spring-loaded, and stores a small charge that is recharged whenever it is plugged in.

If you lose it, simply press a button on a small keychain fob, and it JUMPS into the air with a loud CLICK!

21 Quest, Jan 12 2010

Normal folding flash drive http://www.empirepr...FlashDrive18294.php
[21 Quest, Jan 13 2010]


       Might be re-engineered to snap like a mousetrap on the thumb of anyone who removes it without entering a special code first...
csea, Jan 12 2010

21 Quest, Jan 13 2010

       ubisquitous, n. 1. like a digestive 2. pertaining to a very large Australian mosquito
pertinax, Jan 13 2010

       I would misplace mine all of the time and would welcome any locating technology inclusion, as I frequently transport it between houses, the office, etc. Note to Columbia: all coat pockets should be designed with their zippers along the top, not the sides.

       ubisquickous: adj. as universal as the pancake mix found in seemingly every household in the Midwest.
RayfordSteele, Jan 13 2010


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